Oct 302023

Change is inevitable. That is the law of nature. The natural process of aging is gradual and those who are near and dear to you seldom notice the changes.
The fact remains that you are growing old. With advancing years your lifestyle too should be re-oriented in such a manner that you do not put unnecessary strain on the diminishing reserves of your body.

Moderation in everything that you do is the key-word. You may continue with your activities but do it in moderation. Health plays a major part in the lives of the elderly but unfortunately another aspect that is often overlooked is the “Environment”. If due importance is given to this aspect then, many other problems such as Accidents, Loneliness, Health etc. could be easily managed.

Some major environmental problems that should be high priority when you retire are:

1. Finding a suitable place to live after retirement should be priority No.1 Larger cities are good for the younger people but the Retirees should consider moving out to a pollution free town or village in the outskirts of the city.
2. Choose a place not too far from your friends and relatives so that they could be of assistance whenever needed.
3. Ground floor is the best for the elderly. Split level houses should be avoided. If there are steps, good hand rails should be provided.
4. The house should be well ventilated and provide plenty of sunlight.
5. The floors should be well carpeted. Worn out carpets are dangerous since you could trip and fall.
6. Electric wiring should be permanent and all electrical gadgets should be in good working order.
7. Avoid loose and long clothing. Many accidents are caused by tripping and falling. Fractures and injuries during old age could take a longer time to heal and be a source of worry and agony.
8. Clothing should always be appropriate to the season. Inappropriate clothing can lead to health conditions such as, body pain,arthritis, chest cold etc.
9. Entertaining of guests and socializing should also be done in moderation. The consequences of exertion and heavy drinking can be detrimental to your health.
10. Keep your mental faculties active.

One of the best ways to keep yourself well informed, mentally active and to have fun is to spend time on the Internet. The whole wide world is at your finger tips if you can operate the computer. If you are unable to use a computer, it is advisable to take a few lessons that will make you quite proficient in using the computer and the Internet. Sending e-mails to friends, reading the latest international news and visiting interesting websites can be fun. In fact you can even earn an Additional Income. Full details are given in the article, Practical Internet Home Based Business Ideas, for the Young and 50 Plus Entrepreneurs : http://www.business-fromhome.com/article671.html

Old age should not in any way mean that you must give up participating in community activities. It has to be in moderation, that is all. Your lifestyle might have changed but your experience, knowledge and expertise will be needed and much appreciated by your community. Share it with them, enjoy yourself and make life happy and pleasant for the others too.

Change in lifestyle and environment during retirement does have certain emotional under currents such as missing your long time neighbors, some of your old friends and of course some of your favorite haunts. Unfortunately certain changes have to be made in a changing world and changing circumstances.
Make these changes in the right spirit and enjoy your retired life.

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