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There are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques that work and there are also supposed SEO techniques that do not work. It is up to you to find what will be most effective for the purpose of bringing more traffic to your website. In order to know how to optimize your site you need to know what the practice of SEO really is. A comprehensive definition of Search Engine Optimization is the following: The act of designing and marketing a website so that it ranks high in search engine results. SEO is accomplished in a variety of ways.

One of the most important components of Search Engine Optimization is making sure that each page of a website consists of specific keywords. This is usually done by providing content such as articles or blog entries which contain these specific words. Along with that, it is recommended that site owners or operators only concentrate on one primary keyword (and its synonyms) per page. All the primary keywords on site pages are the base keywords from which are drawn more keywords. For example, a site owner may write an article that contains the primary keyword “budgeting”, and then from there are drawn secondary keywords such as financial budgeting, budgeting software, personal budgeting and so on.

You will even be able research some of the secondary keyword phrases and find even more specific keyword phrases to use on your pages which are drawn from them. For instance, you can derive “personal financial budgeting” or financial budgeting software from the phrase financial budgeting. The more specific the keyword phrase that you choose for the page the less competition you will have for a spot high in the search engine results for that page. Therefore, one piece of advice is to try to find as specific of keywords as possible which will draw a fair amount of traffic to your website. However, one word of caution is not to put too specific of keywords on your page that no one would use to search for items. Otherwise, that keyword will bring little to no traffic to your site.

Another very important aspect of SEO is the process of link building. Simply put, the definition of link building is the act of acquiring inbound links to your site from other websites. Link building is accomplished in quite a few ways. One of the ways to build links is to join link exchange groups where you can offer your website link in exchange for someone else’s. The trick to making this work for you is to gather as many relevant links from others as possible and place your site on the pages of those whose websites are of a similar subject as yours. Mutual (reciprocal) link exchange is often also though of as a great way to advertise for free as well, and can be done automatically or manually. However, you should do it manually because it will keep you away from bad neighborhoods.

Always try to provide excellent value to your visitors, which in turn can get you links from authority websites. There are also other ways to help improve your site’s popularity as well. For instance, you can join free blogging sites such as When you create a free blogging site you can add links to your other website(s) and this helps increase the number of visitors that view your site pages. You can also make your site more well-known to people when you list it in e-zines, free and paid search directories, search engines, and newsletters. There is also the possibility of promoting your site by presenting podcasts, streaming video and audio, and other publications which will increase the amount of site traffic you will receive. There are countless other offsite and onsite SEO techniques that you can. Offsite techniques are measures that you take outside of designing your website (i.e. link building) in order to promote your website.

Onsite techniques for SEO are ones that involve designing your site (i.e. providing relevant content and placing primary keywords in title tag) in a way that web crawlers will be able to read it, which increases the likelihood that your site will be listed at the top of search engine results. Make your site valuable for your visitors, keeping search engines in mind; and try gaining links from authority and relevant websites.

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