Nov 252023

The Apprentice MasterCard Gift card ( is one of the most novel gift ideas to have hit the market in recent years. The “The Apprentice with Donald Trump” MasterCard® Gift Card is issued by Legend Credit, Inc, which is a listed (LGMB.OB) public company in the US.

Legend Credit Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Legend Mobile Inc. The company has valuable experiencing in developing and marketing branded prepaid consumer payment cards.

The Apprentice card which is available in denominations of $25, $50, $100 can be used for payment transactions at millions of offline and online locations. The card carries the brand equity of MasterCard with it and offers its users the same benefits that are extended to all MasterCard holders.

The Apprentice card is available in denominations of $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00. The MasterCard® Gift Card is a Prepaid MasterCard® Debit Card that is honored at millions of locations. There are currently no known merchants within the U.S. or Canada where the card cannot be used.

The card makes a valuable gift for colleagues, friends, and employees who are in line for a performance-related reward. It is also a great way for parents to keep a check on the spending of their kids who are just coming out of their teens and who have still to grasp the concept of budgeting. The card does not carry a PIN and cannot be used as a debit card so there is a finite amount of money that your kids can spend. It is safer than cash and offers more flexibility than paper gift certificates or single merchant gift cards. You can also use this card to make split purchases along with another credit card but we suggest that you first check if the merchant has the capability to process split payments.

The carefully chosen denominations make it a handy card for use at snack bars, gas stations, supermarkets, etc. The card has a validity of one year and cannot be reloaded. Obtaining the card from is a breeze. There are no fees to be paid upon purchase or the reward program. You are not required to pay any maintenance fee for the first six months, after that there is a fee of only $2.95 per month. Throw in free operator assistance and automated telephone for US customers and you have the best deal in gift cards that you can hope for.

This MasterCard gift card is as secure as they come and you need not worry about unauthorized purchases so long as you have taken reasonable care in protecting your card.

SPECIAL! FREE USA GROUND SHIPPING! Continental USA on all orders of $149.99 and over.

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