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Nokia’s Enterprise series phones cater mainly to the business professional, but anyone can appreciate the benefits of these phones. I love the Eseries phones because they seem much more practical than other phones. You’ll find useful features in these two latest Nokia phones that you won’t find in other phones. Best of all, the latest Nokia Eseries phones look quite sleek and attractive.

Nokia E62 Review

The slim E62 is an international roaming quad-band device which supports 850/900/1800/1900 bands. The screen features rich colors on a rather large screen (320 x 240), you’ll have no problems with image quality here. The phone itself is very light, weighing in at around 5 ounces – less than a 1/3 of a pound!

The latest Nokia E62 is perfect for e-mail with the handy QWERTY keyboard. Business users will also appreciate the dedicated e-mail key and flashing message alert light. Internal memory is a nice 90 MB, which leaves plenty of room for storing your messages and files.

Talk time is around 5 hours, with stand-by time a lengthy 14 days.

The Nokia E62 is packed with extra voice features that you’ll find very convenient. You’ll find hands-free voice dialing, voice commands for menu selections, push-to-talk, as well as a dedicated voice button for quick and simple voice recording.

Armed with the versatile Symbian S60 3rd Edition OS, the E62 can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. Pre-installed on the Nokia E62 is also a bevy of useful office software. You’ll find a word processor, a spreadsheet program, an innovative web browser, and more.

Available from Cingular Wireless the Nokia E62 is also very inexpensive when compared to similar devices. If you’re operating on a budget, then the E62 would be the perfect match for your business phone needs.
Nokia E70 Review

The Nokia E70 is a little heavier than the Nokia E62, but it incorporates a camera on the back (while the E62 has no camera) so the extra weight is called for.

The design is unique but very functional. Flip open the E70 to reveal a fully functional keyboard. The keyboard makes this phone ideal for business communications like e-mail and messenger. You can even send messages easily in the dark, a vivid white backlight will brighten up your keyboard.

The Nokia E70 features a wonderfully big rich display at 352 x 416 pixels. The phone operates on the slick S60 Symbian 3rd Edition OS. Included is the S60 Office Suite, as well as programs like Handy Expense and Zip Manager.

Since Eseries phones are mostly business oriented phones, most of them don’t have cameras. This is one of the only Eseries phones that actually has a camera. The camera is quality, 2 megapixels with 8x digital zoom. Record near-VHS quality video with the Nokia E70 in up to 3 different resolutions at 15 FPS (frames per second).

The latest Nokia E70 phone also features integrated Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is perfect to stay in touch or on the Internet anywhere in the world, as long as you’re within range of a Wi-Fi network.

Setting up your mobile e-mail is quick and easy right out of the box. Nokia likes to make this easy for their business users to sync their existing contacts, calendar, and other data.

The Nokia E70 is one of Nokia’s most robust business phones and offers all the features you’ll ever need in a phone.

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