Dec 082023

In a typical Web setup, simply adding a new page or category leads to manual, time-consuming re-linking of the entire site structure. Analyzing which channels bring the most visitors who ultimately become paying customers takes a great deal of time of a high-tech employee. When your company’s Web site grows to a certain size, or the number of visitors reaches levels that are too high to analyze with a free system that comes with your current Web setup, one almost inevitably starts thinking about automating things.

The solution is to use a content management system (also known as a CMS.) It’s practically the only way to go if you want to get full control over a complex Web site and its visitors. Setting up a modern CMS, such as Bitrix Site Manager, is an easy and intuitive process.

Choosing the right CMS, though, is a completely different matter. Modern programs have so many features that it gets hard not to drown in the huge multi-page listings that just name the features, let alone describe them. It’s easy to become lost in the technical jargon and pay more for features one might not even need right away.

Recognizing the complexity and responsibility that comes with such a decision, Bitrix makes the process of choosing the right CMS much easier by offering an easy upgrade path among all five editions of its renowned CMS system, the Bitrix Site Manager.

With Bitrix Site Manager, one can start small with the Start Edition. When the business outgrows basic needs, a seamless upgrade can empower the Web site with Standard, Professional, Small Business, or Enterprise editions, depending on the complexity of your Web site and your company’s need for e-commerce and interactive features such as customer surveys, blogs or forums.

Today’s content management systems are evolving rapidly, making use of modern technologies to further empower and simplify the process of managing a Web site’s content. When selecting a CMS, it’s very important to choose a vendor that updates their CMS on a regular basis. Bitrix developed the unique SiteUpdate Technology that greatly simplifies the process of downloading and installing new and updated modules. Updating is now a seamless and transparent process that does not interrupt the work of the company’s Web sites.

Recently, as an update to the Site Manager system, Bitrix released a new e-Learning module that enables users of certain editions to create online training courses that can also be used for testing and certifying specialists. Visitors to an e-Learning empowered Web site can take a course, verify their knowledge by passing self-tests, then take an exam and receive a certificate. For each user, the system maintains a grade book.

A comprehensive comparison between the different editions of Bitrix Site Manager is located at:

Bitrix, Inc. fully stands behind its products and offers a free, fully functional, time-limited trial download at: Try Bitrix Site Manager, and you’ll have no need to look any further!

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