Dec 252023

No one on earth would love to visit a doctor in all his sanity. But no matter how much we hate to knock at the Doc’s door, something or the other takes us right there. And the visits increase with age, as does the number of health problems. Now while it is true that doctors, treatments and medicines cannot be totally done away with, you can at least keep things within the limits of reason just by a smile or a grin every now and then. Helping your health shine with just a smile— well, if that sounded funny you can laugh alright, but it was not a jest by any means. On the contrary, health is indeed directly proportional to laughter.

The reasons are not hard to guess. Everyone likes to share humor, make merry or have fun. But what you might not know just as yet is that, the more you laugh and be happy, the less threat you pose to your health. No kidding this—fun, joy and humor are instrumental in uplifting the moral and physical health of a human being. Research says that the chances of a heart attack are reduced by huge degrees for those who laugh more than their fellows. Laughter therapists hold that laughter plays a huge role in today’s saga of survival. In the rat race of life, every little thing may lead to stress, anxiety, agitation or depression. The common antidote to all these is nothing but a hearty laugh.

One good thing about the laughter therapy to health is that people never get tired of excess. You can never possibly have enough of fun. If you love to laugh, you are all set to live a healthy stress-free life. And this may hold fine testimony to all success stories of humor or humorous pieces of work, be it in books or over the Internet. Take for instance the funny columns in books, magazines or your daily. Or the funny stuff you get online to tickle your funny bone. Didn’t you get hooked on to them for hours grinning ear to ear? And didn’t you manage to flip through them at least once even on a busy day? That is the where the ambrosia of survival lies.

Nowadays, the Internet is an endless source of humorous sites where people spend hours to do away with their boredom, or even when they are not bored. Voraciously reading jokes, watching funny videos or playing fun games they all knowingly or unknowingly ensure that they see the doctor less. However, the doctor or no doctor, who would mind a few gags and giggles to keep the spirits high? So be it. Laugh your heart out to be at the happy end of health.

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