Dec 272023

Vacation, traveling, adventure – such magic words! I can’t imagine anyone else more helplessly in love with traveling than me. My vacation dream includes a total experience: lots of sun, sand, fine beaches, attention-grabbing sports and shopping at the highest standards. Here is my destination: Dubai!

The perfect vacation requires early started preparations. Fortunately, the internet has been discovered and net surfing is a marvel anytime. So I logged on to and started looking for Dubai villas and apartments. They managed to convince me that apartments in Dubai are best for short term rental, especially in terms of prices. I was able to calculate online the net rental price for my stay in what I’d like to think of as ‘my apartment in Dubai’.

After finally deciding for a fully self-contained and serviced home in one of the apartments in Dubai for singles, the time passed in a slow motion. But the big day arrived! The plain landed on the fancy Dubai Airport and after the access formalities done by the Customs services, I bumped into the airport free zone: numberless stores selling all sorts of 100 % tax exempted goods. Tired and drained out by so many gift bags, I set out looking for ‘my home among the apartments in Dubai”. On the way, the taxi drove by impressive eye catching Dubai villas and apartments. They all made me wonder about my choice. But here I am in front of an apartment building, surrounded by bags, and the smiling taxi driver telling me “Enjoy your vacation, miss!’ Indeed, the one bedroom fully furnished apartment I chose is more specifically located in Greens and looks just like in the pictures. I decided for a self-catering apartment in Dubai because I plan to eat out in the 400+ restaurants available in this mega-city. Besides, Dubai villas and apartments provide the same comfort and luxury as five start hotels, only at much lower prices.

The apartment has one bedroom and one living room with a balcony directly facing the landscaped garden with fountain. Of course, the kitchen and the bathroom go without saying. This is one of apartments in Dubai that is only minutes away from KFC, Cafes, Community Center and right opposite to Dubai Internet and Media City. The nearby facilities provide for mountain biking and horse riding. Another nearest point of interest would be the beach and the ocean and their related sports: water skiing, diving and wind surfing. So, a lot to choose from and a lot of fun coming soon!

But what I am mainly interested in is the authentic Arabian flavor and atmosphere from the souks. The souks are traditional Arabian bazaars, where one can find from traditional medical and textile products to gold and bakeries. People, merchants and customers, are negotiating prices and quantities, gold necklaces, rings, earrings or trousers with reminiscent embroidery of the Arabian Nights. The souk was constantly full of life but in the evening, it seemed a hive of activity, when the prices went down and they made the souks attractive for their shopping bargains. So I bought another very Arabian souvenir: a nargilehs (also known as hookah or hubble-bubble pipe), to astound my smoking addictive friends when they come visit.

Nobody can dream of Arabia without dreaming of desert and camels. So, I made up my mind and joined a group of Europeans in a half-day safari. At first, I was afraid of camels but in the end, I found camel riding quite amusing and distinctive. During the trip into the desert my extreme sports list enriched with one more discipline: dune driving. Driving in sand is an exciting activity, an adventure itself in the attempt of remaining mobile on the shifting surfaces – too strong for my taste though.

Back in the my apartment in Dubai, I enjoyed the modern equipment I had at hand – first I took a long relaxing Jacuzzi bath and then I listened to the music coming from a super hot stereo home surround cinema system. All Dubai villas and apartments provide for such exquisite features, including leather sofas, plush towels and elegant linens. But my vacation quickly came to an end and so did my getaway in the home I made for myself in one of the apartments in Dubai. On my way back to the airport, I took one more look at the luxurious and stylish Dubai villas and apartments, seeing in my mind the film capturing the comfort and opulence of the apartments in Dubai and every unforgettable moment spent in the city of one thousand and one nights and… possibilities. I now have a lot of interesting memories about Dubai that urge me to go back again.

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