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‘Health is wealth’. The phrase is in the usage since time unknown. The first person who said this phrase first time was well aware about the significance of good health. Health is something you cannot purchase with wealth, but if you are completely fit you can earn wealth. Good health means a body free of any disease. Most of the diseases affect the body for a short duration and can be cured with in few days, weeks or months. But obesity stays in the body for life time. If you don’t take appropriate steps for its removal, it gradually grows.

Obesity is an invitation to other diseases too. Obesity generated complications have physical as well as psychological aspects. It weakens the reflexes and makes it difficult to do day to day works. The delicate internal organs like liver, heart and kidney are at a high risk because of obesity. If your body mass index is already 30 then it is essential for you to manage obesity with Hoodia.

Hoodia is a natural appetite suppressant which is extracted from Hoodia Gordonii plant. This plant is found in the Kalahari Desert and is in use as an appetite suppressant since time unknown. Phytopharm, a pharmaceutical company is presently growing Hoodia Gordonii plant at mass scale for industrial production of Hoodia diet pill, Hoodia capsules and Hoodia health drinks. From Hoodia Gordonii, Phytopharm isolates appetite suppressing component P-57. Only this company is licensed for the production and marketing of Hoodia anti obesity medication. Phytopharm, after a joint agreement is sharing this license with Unilever.

Every Hoodia medication contains 1200mg Hoodia extract. This is exactly the same volume which is found effective in control of appetite for 24 hours. Hoodia medication stimulates hypothalamus and brings an increment in the level of blood sugar. Increased level of blood sugar is taken as fullness of stomach by the brain. Until the brain is aware about hunger status of the body, you will not feel hungry. Hoodia gives one more facility that is you can take Hoodia without any prescription. But prior consultation with a doctor is advisable.

Hoodia should be taken only by those who come under the category of obese. Pregnancy is a condition when a woman requires more calories than the usual requirement. Therefore, pregnant ladies should not take this medication. Hoodia is not meant for children. Presence of constituent of Hoodia in the milk of lactating mother can be harmful for infants. The presence of Hoodia in the milk is not confirmed till yet but as a precautionary step, breast feeding mothers should abstain themselves from Hoodia.

This all-herbal medication, Hoodia gives no side effects. Buy Hoodia through an online order and save yourselves from harmful effects of obesity. An online order makes purchase of Hoodia affordable for you.

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