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Spending a holiday in the mysterious and mystique surroundings of the Asian continent is a true blessing. Besides being able to sightseeing ancient ruins, belonging to old civilizations, castles and temples, as a tourist you can also admire beautiful sunrises and unique local landscapes, images that cannot be viewed anywhere else.

But as a tourist, you also need a place to stay, to relax and to enjoy the quality time you spend in Bagan. Because of this, hotel chains have appeared; ready to offer the best comfort for every need and taste. Although it may seem weird to use a phone, knowing that you’re surrounded by history and nothing but land covered with trees and plants, Bagan hotels offer, besides telephones lines, the possibility to watch TV through satellite. In addition, even though for many this may sound odd, these hotels provide you with 24/7 electricity, which in the given circumstances is a luxury thing.

Let us continue with the tour among the hotels that can be found in Bagan. We must mention that the common tourist is able to pick from many resort hotels, depending on the amount of money one can spend. Consequentially, the decision must be taken regarding the prices of the rooms, and regarding the number of the stars that the hotel has. Obviously, the greater the prices are, the more comfort you get. However we should not expect to find the same quality services and conditions we find in the luxurious hotels in Europe or America, because the area practically does not allow more. Still, these hotels offer their very best to make your holiday more beautiful.

With a simple click on the Internet you can discover that for less than 50$ per night you can choose from actually five 3 star hotels in Bagan. And the conditions are not bad at all: TV through satellite, telephone, mini-bar, hot and cold shower, 24/7 electricity and individual air-conditioning systems. Let’s consider that these are the main equipment. The more you pay the more you shall receive. If money is not a problem for you, 5 star hotels provide even with baby-sitter services and, for the suites, a personal butler, and ready to serve you.

It is true, perhaps the conditions of these hotels are not very luxurious, but the design of the rooms and the design of the actual hotel buildings are unique. Being in the center of so many mystery and natural beauty, Bagan hotels are embraced by a certain aura of light which may make you forget that you do not have and Internet connection or any other modern technology. Once you open the window or you step outside the building, you step into another world, where nature and history merge, where mystery and secrets are all around you.

In the end, the only thing left to say is that, either you decide to go to Bagan or to any other Asian region, do not forget to free your mind and leave the problems at home. There are plenty of hotels to offer the best services for you to fell comfortable and to spend a unique Asian experience.

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