Jan 062024

For so long we have been taught that the best road to success is
to go to college, get a degree and hopefully secure a lucrative
career. But hold up! Why is it that so many degree holders are
unemployed or in low paying jobs?

As I observe these things, I also notice the freedom some of my
self-employed friends have. Freedom to work when and where they
want, make as much money as they desire and have as much fun as
they see fit. Have you ever needed some time off to attend to
some necessary business only to hear from your boss that you
can’t get it? You clearly have little control over your time.

For many years persons will devote the most productive time of
their lives to others at a cost to themselves and their
families. And your boss will not tell you that of the secrets to
his success is being the employer rather than the employee.

In today’s age, it is even easier for one to become their own
boss. The internet can make owning your own business a reality
rather than a far flung dream. Anyone with an internet
connection and a reliable computer can start up an ebusiness
that is based on their interests.

Setting up your online business is easier than many people think
and it is possible to have it up and running in less than a day.
There are hundreds of ways to make money online and you can take
advantage of the fact that most are free to use. Others will
require a minimal investment that can be easily recouped.

Places like Blogger.com, Cafeshops.com and Lulu.com all offer
the opportunity to set up an online business for free. If you
like writing, you can create a blog over at Blogger around a
high demand topic and possibly generate income from contextual
ads or affiliate products. If you possess a flair for the arts,
then Cafeshops and Lulu can provide you with the facilities to
display and promote your work.

Building a successful online business can provide you with
several benefits. Imagine the freedom to work with whom you
want, where you want, and how you want. Not to mention that
there is no longer a limit on how much you earn, you can make as
much money as you desire.

And depending on where you live, there are incentives and tax
write-offs for operating your online home business.

There are many ways in which you can use technology to take your
freedom out of the hands of others. You can work from the
comfort of your home and create multiple sources of income that
can dramatically improve your lifestyle. Start your online
business part-time if you have to and allow it to grow. That my
friend is the first step of a thousand to freedom.

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