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Years ago man arrived on the earth; he faced many challenges from environment. Challenges backed up him to use and modify his surroundings according to his needs. The awareness about surrounding led him to a treasury, which is currently known as knowledge. The knowledge made the man more adaptable to his environment. Knowledge about surroundings as well as our own body till now has been classified many branches. Medicinal science is the knowledge we got about treatments of diseases. Medicinal science itself is furcated in many other branches. The first medicines used were herbs; later on synthetic salts were used for treatment. Irrespective of other advancements in medicinal science the importance of age old Herbal therapy is still high. Despite the fact that herbal therapy is a relatively slow process, its popularity is growing day by day.

Herbal medications can treat almost all diseases. There are the instances in which a disease is comparatively new, but its herbal treatments were very old. Obesity is also such a disease whose treatment is available in the form of age old Hoodia. Hoodia is the name of a succulent herb, which is found in the Kalahari Desert of Africa. The tribal people of Kalahari Desert are using this herb as an appetite suppressant for centuries. They suppress their appetite because of scarcity of food, while for an obese appetite suppression is essential for weight loss.

Taking this fact into consideration, Phytopharm developed Hoodia diet pills, capsules and health drinks from Hoodia Gordonii plant (a species of Hoodia plant). For manufacturing Hoodia appetite suppressant, P-57, an appetite suppressing constituent, is extracted from Hoodia plant. Only Phytopharm is licensed to grow Hoodia Gordonii and to make Hoodia anti-obesity medication from it. Presently, Phytopharm in collaboration with Unilever is manufacturing and marketing this medication.

The appetite suppressing effect of Hoodia is natural and benign. The level of sugar in blood remains normal when, there is sufficient food in the stomach. Whenever, the level of blood sugar falls down we feel urge for food. Hoodia maintains normal level of blood sugar even without any food in the stomach. Normalcy of blood sugar level is a natural process and a natural process cannot be harmful. This is why Hoodia is free from any side effect.

Hoodia can be taken without doctor’s prescription. But it is advisable to consult a doctor before using this medication. People with body mass index below 30 should not use this medication. Pregnant ladies, breast-feeding mothers, ladies planning conceive a child soon and children too should abstain themselves from Hoodia. Patients of fat generated cardio-vascular diseases are also not entitled to use this medication.

Diet pill, capsule or health drink in whichever form you use Hoodia, it can suppress appetite for 24hours with a single time use in a day. A single pill of Hoodia daily before breakfast is the general dosage of this medication. Overdosing Hoodia is strictly forbidden.

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