Feb 032024

In the next paragraph I will reveal to you a very closely-guarded financial secret that only a handful of people are aware of.

Its so unusual and has been kept such a deep secret for so long that at first you may have trouble believing it – but I assure you its quite true. Some of the richest families in the world accumulated their using this very secret.

Wealth Secret: Its far easier to make big money during economic hard times than during the so called good years.

Fact: During the good times money moves in highly regulated and carefully controlled ways. But during economic hard times cash tends to change hands in highly unusual, even chaotic ways that makes it possible for common everyday people to quickly and easily amass huge fortunes.

Some of the largest family dynasties in the world accumulated their fortunes during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Since then they have passed the money down from generation to generation.

You can understand why the wealthy keep this fact a deep dark secret. But there is one exception – they pass the secret down to their children as if it were the family jewels.

Here is another odd fact: In 1933, in the depths of the economic depression a lady showed up at a fancy dress ball in a Chicago hotel wearing a dress made up entirely of one thousand dollar bills! Obviously, not everyone was starving during those supposedly lean years!

During the terrible hyper-inflation that swept through Germany in the 1920s those who transferred even a small amount of cash into foreign currencies lived like kings through the depression of the 1930s that followed.

Huge tax-free fortunes can also be made in the explosive black markets that will appear as if by magic when economic conditions decline. Those who have a small nest egg can quickly make huge profits by offering personal loans at exorbitant interest rates.

During economic depressions valuable assets such as cars, houses, jewelry etc. can be bought from desperate sellers for mere pennies on the dollar!

Later when the economy recovers those assets can be sold for much higher prices.

The Coming Economic Collapse

The U.S. is teetering on the brink of a financial meltdown.

Our government is forced to borrow over two billion dollars a day from foreigners. The dollar has declined over 30% during the past several years. The US auto and airline industries are collapsing. 78 million baby boomers are about to retire and drain trillions from the social security and Medicare systems. Workers pensions and health care benefits are being slashed or eliminated altogether.

City, county, state, corporate and federal debts are at or near record levels. Consumer debt alone has skyrocketed from 200 billion in 1990 to over 2.3 trillion dollars today!

How will you do during the hard times to come? Will you quickly get rich or will you starve like all the rest? Its up to you. Get the facts.


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