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In this day and age we are busier than ever. Once, free time was something we all had plenty of. Now, free time is hard to find. Our lives have become hectic, fast paced, and for most people spare time means overtime.

The internet has helped us get some of our time back with shopping online. We can save tons of time by searching for what we want or need by checking out stores online for specials and stock.

I don’t like to always have to pay for shipping. So, if a store is close by, instead of driving from store to store, I find out which stores have what I want in stock, compare prices and away I go.

Another great way to save time is with audio ebooks. You can listen to them whenever you want. In the car, on your MP3 player or on your ipod. You can listen when you walk, jog, or workout. Even on your CD player, or on your computer.

Microsoft Reader is a good way to read or listen to your ebooks. If reading is your thing, then this is a great system. Just download the free software on to your computer and start shopping. If you already have ebooks, you can transfer them as well. To do this you will also need to download MSReaderSetupUSA.exe.

Once you do this, the set up will be installed into Microsoft Word. To load your ebook into Microsoft Reader all you need to do is to open your book in Word format, click file, then click read. From there follow the simple instructions and you are done.

Just one thing. If you listen instead of read, the audio is clear, but rather robotic sounding. For audio, Media Player or audio devices are much better.

For a quick link to the Microsoft Reader download, and for some great ebooks go to www.audioebookemporium.com

The following information covers everything you need to know about Microsoft Reader. Including features and other display options. Try it out. I think you’ll like it. If you have any questions contact us at www.audioebookemporium.com. We will be happy to help you out.

Now it’s time to tell you about some of the amazing features of Microsoft Reader. Some, you may know or have heard of, others may blow you away. Just in case, hold onto your socks, you just may lose them.

The first thing is the Clear Type Technology. This technology makes the words appear on screen just as they would on a real book. It also has a Navigation System that remembers where you left off. How cool is that?

There is a Personalizing System that includes font sizing, drawing, personalized notes, and highlighting. Finally, the Text-to-Speech. I touched on this earlier, but I didn’t mention the Speech ad-in feature.

If you need more specifics, here they are. Microsoft Reader ebooks are made to be read on Microsoft Reader software only. You can read Microsoft Reader ebooks on Windows desktop and laptop PCs, Pocket PCs, and Tablet PCs.

The most frequently asked question is: Why should I use the Microsoft Reader ebook format instead of another format? The answer, Microsoft Reader is one of the most book-like ebook formats, and Microsoft Reader ebooks offer a versatile ebook solution, because they can be read on both your Windows computer and Pocket PC.

I won’t bore you with the system requirements. You can get all the information by going to www.audioebookemporium.com. Click on Microsoft Reader download, and its all there.

All that’s left to do is download and enjoy.

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