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The world of data entry predates internet itself, however, the advent of the internet which has been stretching its powerful antennas by capturing and widening potentials every aspect of human endeavor to reach every part of the globe. This phenomenal growth brought forth by the Internet, fortunately has not left the data entry field behind. In fact, it has been enjoying gracious increase in the last 5 years or so.

However, before then most people used to believe that only those with high techie brains or Harvard trained can successfully dabble into this area. Actually it could be considered true, say about 10, 20 or so years ago. But not anymore! I am sure that in recent times, you must have been swarmed with offers pouring into your email box to join one data entry program or another. It is even possible that you had carried out series of independent researches on search engines; asked questions on forums and probably purchased one of such programs.

Are you satisfied with the data entry programs?

I discovered that most fellows, even those who previously bought a data entry programs continue to ask more questions than they could get answers to. For example, deceptive and totally ambiguous promises are cleverly used to cover scams which you get to discover after you’ve paid for them. So you find yourself at the cross roads of endless confusion and always asking: How do I avoid scams, clear away the myths and see the light of success?

In actual fact, you want credible answers provided to your sane questions. Isn’t it? Now, in this article, you’ll not only get answers, but will be shown how to avoid LIARS and genuinely-proven sources to land dollar-paying work-at-home data entry jobs will be paced on your lap. However, before I discuss this, it’s also imperative that I warn you here and now.

Beware of scammers!

Do you remember there are millions and millions of people looking to advance their financial fortunes using the internet? Unfortunately, there are equally many, but indecent cyber crooks masquerading as your leading lights to point you in glowing success platform. But such fellows end up giving you useless programs and e-books. And everyday thousands of innocent people like you continue to get swindled.

The data entry industry is the worst hit in recent times. What do I mean? Scammers have infested the data entry opportunity so that it’s now near impossible for the inexperience to decipher the fake from original. In fact, in the last few months some gentle cyber felons bombarded the cyber space with fake data entry programs that turned out to be PPC – pay per click campaigns for the over 100 companies on clickbank.com databases.

And if you’ve been online for at least 6 months, you would have realized that making it via PPC such as Google AdWords is not a walk in the park. But those guys deceptively collected people’s money, raise their hope high but eventually broke their hearts and possibly dashed their hopes. Anyway, clickbank and google have banned them from their list. Notwithstanding, you and I don’t know what other dangerous schemes they will fashion out tomorrow.

Proven routes to avoid scammers and make money with data entry jobs

For the remaining part of this article I will walk you through a verified path devoid of those fake elements to reach success arena. Before the exact method I’m going to discuss, I want you to visit the following websites for better understanding.


Got it? You can notice that everyday lot of webmasters want to hire individuals for data entry kind jobs. There is a hidden treasure unrevealed for you.

Here is what to do to apply for these data entry jobs.

Join popular but highly respected online forums such as Digital Point. Most of these forums are free to join and 100% devoted to the needs of webmasters in diverse forms; from content, to programming, scripting languages, website, to marketing related issues, data entry and so on. But learn these valued tips to guide you on forums:

+ Register as a member of few webmaster forums

Don’t go there with the aim of merely lurking around. In your registration, use a signature that define your primary job and if you have a website, link directly to it.

+Read the regulations and policy of the forum

Every forum has policy guiding how member should do things. Please read it up and if not clear contact the moderator and/or post your questions on the board.

+ Learn for one or two weeks

Don’t rush into raising your hand for job yet. Instead read posts by both webmasters requesting for data entry workers and watch how people respond. Then ask questions you don’t understand and allow reply. You can even send PM – private message – to anyone you feel can help you with better information such links and resources. But please, don’t abuse this privilege. Within this time, you will definitely gain valuable insight into what an average webmaster need and hate on such forum. For example, try to verify if it’s ideal to post fees on the thread or not.

+ Go for jobs now

Be meaningful and avoid quarrelling and pride talk like some do. Focus on your mission to land data entry jobs. With valid experience gained during the first one or two weeks’ observation and friendly communication, you’re now fully set to grab jobs. Once any webmaster post a thread for data entry worker or assistance, read it carefully and if you can do it, then without hesitation, reply first to PM and on the thread. Always lurk around the board so that you can be the first person to spot available opportunity and lick it up, fast!

+ Don’t spam the board

This may sound obvious but many people constantly fall into this error by posting shabby texts just to increase post count. This is against the rules and regulations of forums and will cause your post get deleted. And if care is not taken you may get banned out rightly. I’m sure that is not your intention, so do things rightly!

How to know great forums?

This may be difficult for others, but not for you! Here are few great forums where you can start earning money if you apply the above ideas. Please see yourself more as a member there than an opportunity seeker; participate in the discussions actively.

    Digital Point Forums -Visithere and register yourself as a member. Then visit the Sell, Buy or Trade forum and bookmark both the content and service sub-forums.SitePoint Forums -It is another popular webmaster forum. Looking to Hire is the place you can find data entry type jobs.

Note: I advice that you register in all above forumsto take full advantage of every opportunity therein.

In conclusion, can you now see a powerful scenario being played before you?

That is, you’ve been empowered with a blueprint to avoid data entry scammers and also credible websites/resources where clients – webmasters needing your service often post their interests and those that allow you to advertise your service free of charge. Can you beat this? Please go ahead and join the less than 10% of people making money at home online. Congratulations!

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