Mar 032024

You would have pondered over various medical factors for frequent headache attacks to you. But have you considered stress as an underlying cause of headache?

Well, stress is one of the major contributors to various types of headache. And in fact stress originated headache happens to be directly proportional to the level of stress faced by the person.
It could be a persistent headache if you constantly remain under stress or it could be an acute headache that ends once you are out of stress. It could even turn out to be a recurring headache if
you experience one stress after another, in continuation.

The solution to these types of headache doesn’t lie in taking headache medications. Instead, you should try to find out the actual reason that is compelling you to remain under stress. Once you
know about the factors contributing stress to you, you can either modify your lifestyle to curb the stress or you can learn to manage the stress. This is the way in which you would be able to
control your headache.

A persistent stress takes the shape of anxiety that weakens you internally and limits the blood supply to nerve cells. It may also be a cause of headache. A workaholic person often remains under
stress due to constant pressure of work that may trigger off severe headache. Here, it’s the pressure of work that works as stress. A student could fall prey to headache when examination is
impending. Pressure of examination may result in temporary stress causing headache.

A human being undergoes various psychological traumas that compel him/her to live in a state of constant stress that often takes the form of depression. And a depressed folk often claims of
headache that becomes a constant companion of the person. Such headaches could only be curbed when the root cause of the problem is addressed properly.

So folks! Before taking headache medication, you must check your headache against prevailing tensions and stresses in your life. Once you are sure that you are free of stress, you can go ahead
with pain killers as your headache is a result of certain causes other than stress.

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