Mar 072024

How many of you have heard of an ebook compiler? If yes then let me help to choose a best ebook compiler among various others found in the market. Before getting started, let me give you a short recap about an ebook.

Well, an ebook compiler is a software application that changes a document to an executable (.exe) file. The ebook file created in it is generally a stand-alone file, so it doesn’t requires any other software application like Adobe Reader to view it.

You will have numerous options while choosing an ebook compiler nowadays. Although it is difficult to choose the best one among them, here I will help you to make a good choice.

    While using the software make sure that it is accompanied by an understandable and non technical manual and have enough documentation.
    Always choose an ebook compiler which can convert your document format (may it be html, text, word or MS PowerPoint) to an executable file.
    Security is one of the main concern while choosing an ebook compiler. Along with fundamental security features like restricting certain viewers or disabling ebook content from alteration or not allowing printing, a good ebook compiler should have features like using passwords, encryption methods for stopping copy-write and many others.
    Always seek for compilers which have lots of features. Look out for the features which have facilities of adding audio/visuals or graphics, customized menus, and hyperlinks. It is even better if you look out for classy features and complete plug-in capabilities for flash, java and shockwave.
    System requirements for the ebook should also be considered. You should check if it supports your operating system as well as supports other systems you would be using to view it. Browser requirements should also be considered if HTML based ebook compiler is being used.
    You should make sure you get the required support as well for the ebook compiler. It would be better to get free consultations for some period of time as well as a demo of the software for a test. You can also look out for comments made by people for the ebook compiler to choose the correct version. In many cases, earlier versions are found to be bugs free and more reliable.
    In most of the cases, more features will make the ebook compiler more expensive. More features certainly don’t mean that you will have a better compiler. Check out for your necessary features before buying the ebook compiler.

I can think of one compiler that I personally liked and would advise people to look at. You can find it at EBook Maker Ver 2.0

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