Mar 092024

With the advent of the Internet, with its chat rooms,
personals, free dating services, and even the paid sites, finding someone to
date has become easier and harder at the same time. Today, there are many free
online dating services as those that require memberships.

However, one of the reasons these free online dating services are not as popular
as those that require membership fees is that almost 45% of the single adults
who use these dating services are actually looking for serious relationships.

Here are some guidelines to remember when looking at free online dating sites.

1. Privacy policy

Even a free online dating site has to have its own privacy policy. This means
that online dating sites should never sell or use their member’s e-mail address
or personal information for anything else. Privacy policies usually are long and
full of legalese, but make sure you read it before posting anything on an
on-line dating site!

2. Background checking

It always pays off to do some checking before committing to a certain online
dating site. Read not only their promotional “success stories” on the site, but
also search and see what people are saying away from the site. It’s also best to
find a site that has a larger membership database. More members means more

3. Extra features

Not all free online dating services are created equal. So, even if they are
free, some can provide greater features compared to others.

4. Log-in safety measures

Even if the site seems okay, remember never to use your real name when creating
a user name or use an e-mail address. It is always best to maintain certain
level of secrecy for your security. Make sure you do not put any

5. Try before you sign up

Most internet services for dating let you test out their service for free. Some
let you enter your information and search the database but if you want to
contact anyone then you need to sign up and become a member. This system works
well for all as long as you follow the recommendations above.

So, whether or not free online dating services are favorable over paid services,
one thing should always be kept in mind: One’s safety should always be on top
priority. Never give out your address, meet your date in a neutral location with
lots of people, never get into the car with your date, and just practice some
common sense.


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