Mar 232024

The only thing better than a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, is to get two Sony products for the price of one. Yes, you can get the Sony PSP absolutely free with Sony mobile phones.
Sony Ericsson made its foray into the music mobile phone market by introducing the Walkman branded W series music phones last year.
The Sony Ericsson W800i, is the first Walkman branded mobile phone, that enables you to listen to music, handle phone calls and take great pictures and video. The Sony Ericsson W800i has a 2 Mega pixel camera beneath its ultra-stylish design. The W800i is easy to use, has great sound quality, a superb battery life and can store a large amount of music. It’s a beautiful, desirable gadget that combines a high quality phone, camera, music and games player.
The Sony Ericsson W810i is a fairly minor upgrade to the immensely popular W800i Walkman phone. This quad band GSM handset features an improved keypad layout for playing back multimedia. Sony Ericsson has enhanced it further by adding EDGE high speed data, allowing quicker access to the internet for those who have a compatible carrier – and the W810 also supports over-the-air music downloads, so EDGE will be a real advantage for those who have it.
The Sony Play station Portable (PSP) is all about gaming. The large screen measuring 4.3″ inches gives ample view of the games you play with crisp 16.77 million colours.

The PSP is an elegant portable device that excels at playing games and is a good music player, video player, and photo viewer. The deadly combo of a Sony Ericsson W810i along with a free Sony PSP will enrich your life as never before. Enjoy varied music, keep yourself busy with challenging games, there can never be a dull moment with a Sony Ericsson W810i and a Sony PSP.

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