Mar 282024

Nokia brings to you the smallest TV in the world called Nokia N92. With Nokia N92, Nokia brings to you a “first-of-its-kind” concept called mobile TV. Nokia N92 belongs to the reputed N-series. N-series, the name itself implies quality and leading technology. Nokia N92 marks a new beginning in the multimedia gadgets. This handset will replace your plasma TV and LCD. Now, you can enjoy TV on Nokia N92 the 2.4″ inch large anti-glare screen in 16 million colours.

N-series, with its swish and sophisticated gadgetry, has made us realise that mobiles have now become advanced gizmos. Nokia, the European mobile manufacturer, introduces the pioneering DVB-H technology in Nokia N92. You can enjoy upto 50 pay and free-to-air channels on your mobile. With a channel guide and a programme finder, Nokia N92 is a perfect TV. This season, catch the entire league matches on your handset. Whether you are in office, or in a train do not miss any action.

Nokia N92 offers you a personalised TV experience. You can also set reminders to your favourite TV programmes. Apart from that you can also create special channel lists and subscribe to TV channel packages. You can watch upto 4 hours of TV and get information regarding the different programs and services through an Electronic Service Guide (ESG).

Nokia N92 is based on the advanced Symbian operating system (S60)
and offers rich connectivity options through Wifi, Bluetooth and USB 2.0.You can connect the handset to the PC for quick file and data transfers.

Nokia N92 is an excellent music device which can offers a storage space upto 2GB and you can store upto 1500 songs. The entertainment experience is further enhanced with a FM radio with a visual radio. Get the latest news and happenings on stations. Also participate in various amazing contests and competitions.

Nokia N92 will be introduced in UK during 2007 and then the wait will finally get over.

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