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Everyone it seems, has an opinion on coffee. How it’s brewed, when you should drink it, whether to freeze the beans and the list goes on. It also seems that coffee maker reviews can almost generate the same kind of passion given the proliferation of machines on the market today.

There is a whole range of features that make up a good coffee maker however, if you are looking for the perfect model, one that has every feature imaginable, then you are going to be searching for a long time. Why? Because of the nature of coffee drinkers. The beauty about this little black liquid is that it’s taste is an individual thing. What pleases one person may not necessarily sit well with another.

I’m a self confessed caffe addict. In fact, I don’t mind where or how it is brewed, as long as I can taste the coffee. Whether it’s brewed from an automatic drip machine, a single cup maker, a percolator, a french press, heck, even instant, I’ll drink it. But I do appreciate there are some connisseurs out there who are particular about the taste of their brew so in this coffee maker review, I am going to point out a few features to consider when searching for the perfect machine.

Ten Step Coffee Maker Review

The ideal machine will have the following features:

1. At least a two year warranty.
2. A timer that is user-friendly and can program to the precise second.
3. Automatic features such as hands-free shut-off.
4. An automatic bean grinder within the machine.
5. Settings which include brew control.
6. Settings enabling the number of cups to be brewed.
7. Adjustable temperature hot plate. This is important because coffee that is allowed to continue to cook on a hot plate tastes, in a word, horrible!
8. Pause and serve.
9. Easy to clean. Also, many coffee makers while they brew an excellent cup, tend to be a little messy. So add a non-messy feature to your wish list.
10. Automatic milk heating and serving feature.

What Will You Settle For?

How’s that for a wish list? Trouble is, even if you find a machine with everyone of those features, and bear in mind, there are others I’ve left out, it’s probably going to “cost you an arm and a leg.” How serious are you about your brew? If you are like me then a simple functioning machine with several of the features mentioned above would do the trick.

You need to consider how often you’ll use your machine, it’s size, particularly if you are a home entertainer, and most importantly, your budget. There are a lot of things to consider aren’t there? Again, the question has to be asked… how serious are you about your coffee?

Finally, be careful when reading coffee maker reviews as some will certainly show some bias. A good place to check is online such as forums and Amazon reviews. The bottomline will be how much are you prepared to spend and whether your machine will get good use. The last thing you want is for it to become an ornament on your kitchen bench!

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