Apr 122024

Do you want to be a successful person? If this question is put across, definitely everybody would say ‘yes’ and no one would say in the negative.. Everybody wants to become a successful person, but the pitiable thing is that over 90% failed in their desire to become successful. Why is it that only 10% got to the place where they want to be and a vast majority of 90% failed in their attempt. The difference between the ‘desire’ and the ‘burning desire’ makes all the difference.

I is sure that everybody has desires. They may wary from person to person, but surely everybody has desires and the common desire is to become rich. Definitely all would have tried some way or other to achieve this goal. But most people gave up in mid way and in majority cases they would not have started at all. The skeptical thinking and the fear psychosis hold them from getting started But people with burning desire won’t give up mid way. They will pursue their efforts till they get their success. Sure, they will not taste success in their very first attempt itself. But they have a good sense of realization that committing mistakes is a learning process. They take their failure as a stepping stone, and get going in their efforts consistently and persistently.

A sure way to become successful

Have dreams (burning desire)
Write down your dreams and read them daily
Practice self talking. An example: ‘I am a great person. I am achieving my dreams. I am happy and I also make my family and the people around me happy’. Write down your own version and practice it daily.
Set your goals. Precisely write down your short term, medium term and long term goals.
Put a plan to achieve your goals.
And finally put your plan into action
Take a firm decision to get started. Never let your fear psychosis stopping you from getting started. Don’t afraid that you will make mistake and do something wrong. It is far better to get started on your success journey of learning and making a couple of mistakes, than it is to let months go by, never make a mistake and never get started. Take some steps to change things and don’t give up. Change your way of thinking. If you think you will succeed you will, if you think you will fail you will! Practicing the success principle will make you believe in yourself, firm up your desire and put you in the right direction to achieve your success.

The fear psychosis

There are two common fear psychosis holding people from getting started.

Fear of failure and
Fear of criticism

This fear psychosis form the main reason for the failure of the 90% majority. Realize that all the successful people tasted their success only after facing so many failures and all the successful people had been criticized for what they were doing. They were criticized because they did things differently. Successful people won’t do different things, but do things differently. So making some changes to yourself, your routine and your way of thinking is essential in making you eligible to the elite group of successful people.

Never ever entertain skeptical thinking. Don’t allow others to steal your dreams and allow them to be acted as your boss to determine your destiny. You have to pay some price and do what it takes to be a successful person. But the life after your success will be wonderful and you will forget the pains when you are standing apart from the 90% mediocre crowd.

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