Apr 222024

Quit Smoking Audio- When you smoke a cigarette, the nicotine reaches the receptors in the brain more quickly than any drug you could inject or pill you could take. This means the person smoking the cigarette has almost instant control over their intake of the drug and instant relief. It is the physical need that arises when the receptors run out of their nicotine supply, as well as psychological control over the craving cycle, which are the most addictive factors.

Once you have activated your nicotine acetylcholine receptors, they will want nicotine again and again the instant their supply runs out. This means you have a few puffs of a cigarette, you feel fine, time passes, the receptors need more, you feel like you want a cigarette, you have one and after a few puffs you feel good again. No one ever keeps smoking until they die in one sitting as with narcotics and amphetamines. This is probably because it is used only to satisfy the initial addiction, but produces no progressive or euphoric sensation.

Ultimately, those who smoke are simply feeding their need to smoke, which prompts the brain to produce dopamine and gives them a satisfied relaxed feeling. The more you smoke, the more nicotine receptors your brain produces, and the more nicotine you then need to satisfy those receptors. This is why when you quit smoking; the withdrawal symptoms can be more noticeable in long term heavier smokers.

Nicotine also impacts other mood controlling enzymes in the brain which react when not given their regular fix. It has also been proven that even if you go a long time without smoking, then re-expose yourself again, you can activate all the receptors and feel cravings just as strong as when you were in the midst of your addiction.

For these reasons, smoking cigarettes is a very difficult habit to break. If a person can temporarily detach themselves from their physical and emotional symptoms and recognize them for what they are, they may find the transition to becoming a non smoker much easier.

The best way to quit smoking is to change the deep seeded belief you have that you need to smoke. You are so in the habit of doing it and used to feeding the receptors that you have forgotten what it was like to not need it. Through the right hypnosis technique you can go deep into your subconscious mind where the unconscious desire to smoke initiates. You can re-train and convince yourself that you just don’t need to smoke. With the right visualization techniques, you can see your future, smoke free. Then you can live it. No one gets by without withdrawals, but it’s the way you feel about yourself and quitting deep down that will decide whether you make it or break it.

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