Jul 132021

Search engines don’t buy products and services. People do.

To sell your products and services online, you need targeted traffic. Search engines will send you targeted traffic, and a lot of it, if you take certain steps.

The first step in your search engine marketing campaign isn’t search engine optimization. Your first step is to understand the internet and how to effectively use it to promote your products and services.

The internet is a content driven medium. Searchers are looking for information. They don’t want to be sold to. They want value. You can provide this value through the content you write for your website, as well as content you write for your promotions.

Therefore, you need to develop a complete, content management strategy. Your content management strategy needs to be customer focused, content driven, and optimized for the search engines.

Your content management strategy should consider on page and off page optimization factors. On page factors include optimizing your page for keywords relevant to your page, titles, and descriptions. Off page factors include link exchanges and backlinks.

Once you’ve chosen the topic for your site, you need to develop your website. Decide what content you will write. Your content should include articles, press releases, and product reviews. You can also create free ebooks, reports, and white papers provided the information you include will be useful to your site visitor.

Before developing your content, you need to do your research. Find out what your readers are searching for. There are plenty of free tools and software on the internet to help you accomplish this task. Simply search for a keyword phrase like “keyword suggestion tools”.

When you’re ready to write your content, choose two to three keywords and/or keyword phrases in the text for your page. Write your content and then optimize your page for these keywords. You can use free software like Web CEO.

Although on page optimization will help you if you don’t have a lot of competition for your keyword phrases, it is not enough if you are targeting high competition words. To raise your rankings, you will need to link to high traffic sites with high page rank. Building backlinks from other websites will also help you raise your rankings.

Do a search in your favorite search engine to find sites you can link to. Study these sites. Check to see what keywords they use to optimize their pages. Find out if they exchange links and request a link exchange.

The key to success in search engine marketing is to do your homework BEFORE you create your website. The bottom line is that no matter how many links you have pointing back to your site, or how well you optimize your page for the search engines, you won’t rank high for keywords that are too competitive.

If you still insist on building a website on a highly competitive topic, then I would recommend you use other techniques to promote your site. Article writing, forum posting, press releases, pay per click ads, and offline classifieds.

The bottom line is you won’t succeed in any business you aren’t passionate about. Choose a topic you like that has a market and then build a content rich search engine friendly market. Get your name out there and keep branding yourself. You will succeed.

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Jul 122021

You may publish this article in your ezine, newsletter on
your web site as long as the byline is included and the
article is included in it’s entirety. I also ask that you
activate any html links found in the article and in the
byline. Please send a courtesy link or email where you
publish to:

How to make Direct Response work one step at a time
Copyright ? 2006

One efficient method is to use of the multi-step process in
direct response marketing. For example, single-step
marketing could be defined as sending out a flyer in the
neighborhood, telling people about a neighbor’s home that
has just been sold by you or as running a one-time ad in a
local paper advertising an investment offering you have or
as running an ad in the paper that says “Call me before you
redecorate, ” and so forth. In other words, anything where
you do a single step in the hope that you will get

Now, true – you may run the same ad more than one time in
your paper over a period of a few months, and you may send
out farming flyers or postcards to people over a period of
time. But that is not what I’m talking about here, because
each of those particular efforts is really a single-step
process. You send out the piece, and prospects are supposed
to call.

Now, while this seems easy and logical, it also has been
proven over time to just not work. The real secret to
direct response marketing is to use little, bite-size
chunks for people so that they are responding to what is
easy and non-threatening, allowing them to take little
steps, one at a time.

For example, let’s say you run an ad that says, “Do You
Worry That Your Filthy Air Ducts Could Be Making Your
Family Sick?” “If so, call. 1-800-000-0000, 24 hours, for a
FREE recorded message to get a copy of an amazing report.
It reveals the secrets of 99.9% pure indoor air your
allergist will never tell you! Call NOW to get this eye
opening FREE report!”

When you run that ad in the paper, what is the purpose of
that ad? Is the purpose of that ad to sell a product? Is
the purpose of that ad to secure an appointment for a
presentation? No – the purpose of that ad is one thing only
– to get people to call your 800# and listen to the
recorded message!

In fact, we should take it back a step farther. The purpose
of the headline on the ad is to get somebody’s attention
and cause them to stop going through their publication.

The purpose of the headline is not to sell or solve
anything. The headline, then, has a single purpose. The
headline’s function is to get people to read the copy of
your ad. The copy is, then, the next step, keeping people
interested enough to follow through and call the 800#.

Now when prospects call the 800# and listen to the message,
what’s the purpose there? Is the purpose of the message to
make a sale or get a client? No – again, the purpose of the
message is only to get people to leave their names and

Once prospects leave their names and addresses, and you get
their phone number through the Caller ID, what is the
purpose of the follow-up that you would do on the phone and
the report? Is it to sell? Is it to get prospects to hire
you? No – the purpose of the report going out is to get
people familiar with you and your company, and to get them
familiar with what you have to offer, and to answer the
questions they have.

Once they’ve gotten the report, you move into the
multi-step sequence and follow-up. See, the real secret of
direct response marketing is, after you’ve gotten
somebody’s interest, you must try not to make them do any
more than they are comfortable with doing at any particular
step. To make all the steps combined work up to the sale of
products and services.

But each individual step is small, and simple, and doesn’t
ask people to do more than ease them into the next step.
The purpose of each individual step is to do only what it
is supposed to do. The purpose of the recorded message is
not to make a sale; again, it is to get a prospect to leave
his or her name and address.

The only purpose of the recorded message is to get
prospects to leave a name and address. You’re not trying to
sell them or convince them of anything. I see people
running seminars, for example, and their recorded message
talks about how great they are and how big they are and
how smart they are, etc….all these things that are of no
interest to the prospects whatsoever.

They are asking the prospects to do way too much. In fact,
for seminars, I recommend only doing an ad that offers a
FREE report. The FREE report then offers the seminar to
make the steps more non-threatening and easier for people
to digest.

You see, the bottom line is that people are afraid and
confused. The old single-step marketing the old “shove it
in their face” approach, does not work. For the present
and the future, to get people interested and wanting to do
business with you, you have to take it slow and easy! You
can not expect your marketing to do things that it is not
capable of doing.

If you think you need single-step marketing to create sales
instantly, just forget it. Please don’t forget this lesson
about the multi-step approach, and please don’t forget this
concept of asking each step to do only what it is supposed
to do.

You should not try to incorporate multiple steps into a
single step. You don’t want to mix up your product
presentation stuff into your copy in the ads. If you follow
this process you will see your leads go up and you will see
your business go up. But even more important, if you follow
this process, the pressure will be off. There will be no
more feeling like you have to close, or that you have to
make a certain step do multiple things. It doesn’t work
anyway, so why put yourself under all that pressure?

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Jul 112021

The great thing about the TV, is you just turn in on and
there is something to watch… or is there? If you are like
me you can sit flicking the remote, channel after channel
and fail to find anything to hold the attention for longer
than it takes to press the remote again.

The passion and excitement of what you might find on TV has
long since gone, but perhaps now there is a new alternative

Welcome to Online TV. In the days of dial-up, it was
impossible to even consider watching Internet Media on your
computer. But now with broadband content as standard, ‘Click
‘n Play’ TV is beginning to come of age.

No Software, Just Open Firefox…

I am Mac user, when anything new or interesting happens on
the ‘net, I ask myself will they bring out the Mac version?
And for PC users any new software comes with it’s own risks
of bugs, spy ware, and conflicts to other applications.

Well, one of the great features of some Online TV sites,
they run from within your web browser, so there is nothing
to download and install, and you can start watching TV
within seconds.

An example of this can be found at
(, I opened Firefox and was
instantly transported to TV Heaven. Suddenly the excitement
long since lost of flicking through channels was returning. like other online TV sites is free. There is
nothing to sign up to, or even need to part with an email
address. And there is a lot of content, which thankfully is
neatly organized into sections such as ‘Movies, Music,
Videos, Entertainment’ and even ‘Adult’.

Already I am impressed, my attention has been grabbed for
longer than the normal 30 seconds. Suddenly I am watching
classic Sci-Fi, setting phasers to stun and beaming straight
to me from the computer.

Next I jump to a list of music TV where The Ministry of
Sound channel is showing bright lights and bikini clad girls
gyrating to the beat. And then off to extreme sport where
snow boarders defy gravity and perhaps common sense… In
all there were more than 90 TV channels albeit some more
better than others.

Saving the best for last? If online TV isn’t enough, there
was also a massive collection of online videos to entertain,
with comedy shorts from Monty Python and Ali G, Classic
Cartoons including Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. But
perhaps the biggest find is the vast music video
collection, covering every artist from ABBA to ZZ Top.

There is a certain feeling of excitement watching TV on your
computer, the random unknown of what you will find next, the
temptation to see if the ‘Adult’ channels are really what
they say they are, and best of all; there are practically no
adverts to spoil the fun.

One can only wonder as more stations come online how long it
will be before subscription fees and adverts creep in. In
the mean time, I’d say ‘Get it while you can!’

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Jul 102021

How do you start your car?

The simple answer to this very simple question is to insert the key into the ignition slot and rev up your car to life.

So how does the ignition of your car really work?

Well, the ignition key slot of your vehicle is actually part of a much larger system which is called the ignition system. It is mostly found on internal combustion engines. It actually starts off the burning of the fuel mixture that is found in the engine of your car. This is primarily because the fuel mixture in the engine does not just burn and make your car run automatically or else your vehicle would be running nonstop. Most modern engines do make use of an ignition system.

The key to the entire ignition system is your car key although there are some vehicles that make use of a code patch. However, whether it is a key or a code patch, this is what your car needs to actually start and rev up. The key or the code patch actually works to unlock the switch that is found in the ignition slot. The key or the code patch also switches the operations of your vehicle off.

If your car’s ignition switch seems to be locked up and would not budge, automobile experts and mechanics actually say that this is primarily because the wheels of your vehicle are jammed against the curb through which the switch moves about.

To remove such a lock up, you should first make sure that the transmission system of your vehicle is in park mode. So that the vehicle would not roll further up against the curb, it is important to put the parking brake. Then you should pull hard and with much force on the steering wheel. While you are doing this, turn it in both directions so as to free the wheel.

If after doing this and the ignition is still stuck, you should release the parking brake. Instead, put the transmission in neutral position. Then let up on the foot pedal. This would rock the car slightly and make your ignition switch work once again.

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Quit Smoking Cold Turkey: The free way

A vast majority of people who try to stop smoking find after a short period of time they resume the habit, many are unsuccessful simply because of the method they used to help them stop smoking. Of the people who have been successful in their quest to stop smoking and who have stopped smoking completely have done it several times before completely kicking the habit. One of the oldest and most reliable methods is to quit smoking cold turkey.

It is not easy to quit smoking cold turkey you need to be prepared. Most people are under the impression that you can just quit and that will power will be the motivation to not start again. Most smokers will find this is not really feasible. The suggestion is to make sure that you are prepared for any type of method used to quit smoking. Many smokers also think that when you quit smoking cold turkey, it means you quit smoking without using any smoking cessation aids such as nicotine gum or patches.

The cold turkey method to help you quit smoking can work quite well if you use smoking cessation aids like gum or nicotine patches because those aids can help you if you start to go through nicotine withdrawal symptoms, which are often associated when you stop smoking. When you quit smoking cold turkey, you tap into probably the most popular albeit not the most successful method for quitting.

A smoker may improve the chances for permanently quitting with the cold turkey method if they follow a few simple guidelines: such as understanding what the withdrawal symptoms are and how they can affect the process, and making sure that you treat them properly. Drinking plenty of water will help to get the toxins out of your system. Keeping your mouth busy by chewing gum or using a toothpick and keeping a chart of what you are experiencing when you have a craving will help you to keep atrack on what is happening with your body as you try to quit smoking.

You can help you increase the chances of being successful during your effort to quit smoking by taking a walk or talking to a friend when you crave a cigarette . Willpower is a vital component and your success will rely on how badly you want to quit smoking and also whether or not you believe that you can quit. Now keep in mind that not everyone will have feelings of withdrawal. You may experience no withdrawl symptoms or maybe just one or two withdrawal symptoms and they will differ from person to person and from time to time.

Why not quit today? When you quit smoking cold turkey, you can use the only method that is very low cost or can be totally free and will put money back in your pocket because you are no longer supporting the habit, and you can do it at any time. The good news is, if you are unable to quit smoking by trying the cold turkey method, then you will be happy to know that there are more effective treatments available now that can more than double your chances of quitting successfully.

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Jul 082021

This is an 11 step guide to setting up a freshwater aquarium in your home.

Equipment you will need:


Aquarium gravel

Aquarium filter

Replacement filter media


Other decorations (such as plants)

Chemical test kits

Fish food

Aquarium vacuum

Fish net

Glass Scrubber

5-gallon bucket

Pasta strainer

Realize the responsibility involved.

A tropical fish tank is just like having a dog or a cat when it comes to the amount of effort on your part. In order to have a successful fish tank you will have to work at it. Once a week, or at most once every two weeks, you will need to perform some kind of maintenance on the tank. Most of the time you will be performing water changes. You will also have to feed your tropical fish at least once a day. If you are up to the challenge, please proceed!

Decide on an aquarium size.

It’s a good idea to have in mind what kind of tropical fish you want to keep before you purchase an aquarium. Some tropical fish only grow to be an inch or two, whereas other types of tropical fish can grow 12 or 13 inches in length! Knowing what kind of tropical fish you want will help you decide the size of the tank they will need. If this is your first time with an aquarium, I would recommend going with a 10 or 20 gallon aquarium for now.

Decide on the aquarium’s location.

Place your aquarium in an area where the light and temperature of the tank won’t be affected by external sources such as windows and heater vents. You will want to place your aquarium on a stand that will be able to hold its total weight. A good rule of thumb for determining the total weight of a full aquarium is 10 pounds per gallon of water. For example, a 55-gallon tank will weigh approximately 550 pounds when filled with water!

Buy your aquarium and equipment.

Now is the time to decide on the type of filtration you will want to use. You will also need to purchase a heater capable of heating the tank size you have. Buy the gravel, plants, a power strip and other decorations. A good rule of thumb for the amount of gravel that you will need is 1 to 1.5 pounds of gravel per gallon of water.

Set up your aquarium and stand.

Wash out your tank with water only! Do not use soap or detergents. Soap residue left behind will be harmful for your tropical fish. If you are going to use an under gravel filter (not recommended) now would be the time to set it up as well.

Wash Gravel, plants and decorations.

Be sure to wash the gravel thoroughly before adding it to your tank. An easy way to do this is to put some of the rocks in a pasta strainer and wash them out in your bathtub. Then place the clean gravel in a clean 5-gallon bucket for transport to the aquarium. After adding the gravel you can place your plants and decorations.

Add water to the aquarium.

To avoid messing up your gravel and plants, you can place a plate or saucer in the middle of your aquarium and direct the water flow onto the plate. Use room temperature water when filling. To remove the chlorine and chloramine, use something like Tetra AquaSafe for Aquariums. Don’t completely fill up the aquarium until you are sure of the layout of your decorations. Otherwise, when you place your arm in to move stuff around water is going to spill over. Doh!

Set up equipment.

Install your heater but don’t plug it in until the thermostat in the heater has adjusted to the water temperature. This usually takes about 15 minutes or so. Hook up your filter and any other equipment you have, then top off the aquarium water to just under the hood lip. Place your hood and light on the aquarium and then check your power cords to be sure that they are free of water. I would also recommend using a drip loop on all of the power cords to be extra cautious. Plug all of the equipment into a power strip and then “turn on” the aquarium.

Wait, wait, wait and then wait some more.

I know, you want to add some tropical fish. But, in order to do this right you must wait until your aquarium has cycled before adding any fish. There are ways of speeding up this process. Check out the nitrogen cycle page to learn more. If you must use fish to cycle, try to get a hardier species like the zebra danio or cherry barb.

Add tropical fish.

Only add one or two fish at a time. Adding a couple tropical fish at a time gives your filtration system the time needed to take on the increased biological load that the new fish introduce. When you bring the fish home let the bag float in the tank for about 15 minutes so that the fish can become acclimated to the temperature and pH of the aquarium water. After 5 minutes of floating the bag you should add some of the aquarium water to the bag so that the fish can become acclimated to the pH level in the aquarium. This will help reduce the amount of stress imposed on the tropical fish. Stressed tropical fish often leads to dead tropical fish! Don’t feed your tropical fish on the first day. They probably wouldn’t eat any food on the first day anyway. Let them get acquainted with their new home.

Get ready for regular maintenance.

Be prepared to spend some time once every week or two to clean your tank. Performing regular water changes will reduce the nitrate levels and keep your tropical fish happy and healthy.

Please visit for more information on tropical fish.

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Jul 072021

If you’re not doing so already, you may want to consider writing articles about your website’s topic. Writing copyright free articles is a great way to:

Establish your credibility and build your reputation and brand

Establish yourself as an expert in your field

Increase your exposure on the internet

Gain laser targeted traffic to your website

Increase the number of one way links to your website, which should help your website in the search results.

Writing articles about the topic of your website is a fantastic way to demonstrate your expertise and credibility and at the same time allows you to build your reputation and your brand. Submitting your articles to the various free article sites gives your articles the opportunity to be picked up by other webmasters for their websites and newsletters. When your articles get used on these other websites they must be used with the author bio section un-edited. This means that you can generate one way links to your website, which in turn leads to greater exposure and better rankings in the search engines. If the readers of your articles on other sites click through to your site, you gain targeted traffic.

Some Article Writing Tips

To get the greatest benefit from your article writing endeavors, try to keep the following article writing tips in mind:

Try to stay away from turning your article into a sales pitch. Give your readers credit – they will be able to distinguish a sales pitch right away. Once they think they’re just reading another sales pitch they will quickly click away from your article. I can just about guarantee that no one will pick up your sales pitch and use it on their website, unless it’s one of your affiliates.

Don’t include too many hyperlinks within the article body and stick to only one in the author bio section. Most webmasters will not pick up an article, no matter how good it is, if there are too many outgoing links. I would recommend not having any links within the article body but sometimes this is unavoidable.

Which situation would you rather have: 1 article with 1 outgoing link to your website that gets picked up by 1,000 webmasters or 1 article with 10 outgoing links that gets picked up by 10 webmasters?

Check, re-check and then check your article again for typos and grammatical errors. Have someone else proofread it for you before submitting it. Nothing says amateur more than typos and grammatical errors.

Write articles that complement the topic of your website. Don’t write about something totally unrelated to your website. Remember, you want to establish your credibility and expertise. Write about what you know.

When adding that one link back to your site, make sure to include a keyword targeted link back to your site. I’m talking specifically about the words between the opening and closing anchor tags.

When the search engine robots come across this link they will index the anchor text and it will help you with those keywords in the search engines. Do not waste this valuable link by just having your website address ( as the anchor text unless you have your main keywords in the website address. Try to vary the keywords a little as well when creating this link. There is speculation that having too many “uniform” links to a site may hurt you – just something to keep in mind.

Do not place a copyright notice at the top of your article. This leads to confusion and may cause webmasters to stay away from posting your articles on their website and in their newsletters.

It may be a good idea to write completely new content for your articles. Some writers just copy and paste parts of their websites and put them into articles. This may lead to a “duplicate content” penalty and may end up hurting your search engine results. I would recommend that you should play it safe and come up with totally new content for your articles.

ArticleGeek is a free website content resource for publishers and webmasters.

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Jul 062021

“Online lead generation is about matching potential customers with products and services that interest them.” says Lou Pine, Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of Business Development for Permission Data ( “In other words, providing companies with quality leads is akin to being a matchmaker,”

Since the company’s inception in 2001, Permission Data has developed one of the largest 100 percent opt-in lead generation networks on the Internet, generating leads for over a thousand companies. As such, Permission Data’s clients attest to the company’s matchmaking formula.

Global Medicom, Inc., a Los Angeles-based distributor of disposable medical supplies, approached Permission Data with a goal to increase its gross revenue by 50 percent each year. Global Medicom needed to find customers who fit their target profile, as well as to integrate data transfer and tracking systems for their prospects. According to Pine, “We designed the creative aspects of their campaign, developed and implemented an opt-in placement strategy, and generated a custom Internet survey for Global Medicom. In less than three weeks after our initial meeting, we had executed the insertion order, produced the website, and finalized the data transfer solution.”

As a result of Permission Data’s efforts, Global Medicom exceeding its goal, increasing annual revenue by 57 percent. In addition, the company decreased its cost-per-customer acquisition by 30 percent. Equally important, Global Medicom was able to track the performance of their ad dollars with much more accuracy than they could with expenditures made in other media. Because Permission Data provided a seamless solution, Global Medicom incurred lower management costs when compared to other online and offline campaigns.

Pine attributes the success of Global Medicom’s campaign and those of Permission Data’s other clients to the manner in which the company gathers leads. “Our paradigm is pure, in that we don’t incentivize the user or force any offers with pre-checked boxes. Instead, we use 100 percent opt-in co-registration sites, which can include survey and opinion sites as well as free offers and sweepstakes sites.”

Permission Data’s process of lead generation typically begins with a registration process, during which consumer information is collected. From there, consumers are exposed to targeted advertiser offers, and can, at their own initiation, opt in to learn more about a brand or product. “At that point, the consumer will typically see a customized advertiser survey or other instrument that allows for additional branding and cross-product marketing,” says Pine. “This is followed by content that the consumer will find appealing and informative.”

The information that is collected throughout the process isn’t simply handed over to Permission Data’s clients; instead, it goes through the company’s TruFilter proprietary data cleansing technology. “TruFilter verifies U.S. Postal Service addresses, area codes and phone prefixes, validates email address syntaxes and domain names, and filters out profanity,” says Pine. The technology also aggregates leads, removing duplicates, and assigns a source code to each lead.

But perhaps the best feature of Permission Data’s service is the speed and manner in which the leads are delivered to their clients. In a recent survey, over a third of Chief Marketing Officers reported that they don’t have sufficient real-time access to leads and prospects. Permission Data can set up a real-time data feed to its clients within 24 hours, and offers customizable file formatting and delivery integration. “We pride ourselves on our ability to provide our clients with volume, quality, simplicity, and speed,” says Pine. “We define customer service as the ability to constantly and consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.”

It is most likely this customer-centered approach that makes Permission Data the perfect matchmaker for companies and their potential customers.

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Jul 052021

Vancouver is the largest city in Western Canada, and third largest in Canada. Located at the southwestern corner of the coastal province of British Columbia. It is well known for its majestic natural beauty, as it is nestled between the coastal mountains and the Pacific ocean. It is frequently ranked as one of the “best cities to live in” and is certainly a beautiful destination to visit.

While Vancouver is a comparatively young city, at just over 100 years, its history begins long before. The indigenous peoples (First Nations) have lived in the area for thousands of years, and Vancouver’s namesake Captain George Vancouver sailed through the First Narrows in 1792. The first settlement on the downtown peninsula was Granville, located on the spot of today’s Gastown. In the year of Canada’s confederation a saloon was built on this site and gave birth to a small shantytown of bars and stores adjacent to the original mill on the south shore of what is now the city’s harbour. A seemingly endless supply of high quality lumber was logged and sold through the ports of Gastown and Moodyville, across the inlet. Some of trees were gigantic beams which were was shipped to China to construct Beijing’s Imperial Palace), and one account maintains that the world’s windjammer fleets could not have been built without the trees of Burrard Inlet. Vancouver proper was signed into existence in 1886. The first City Hall was little more than a hand painted sign nailed to a wooden tent post. The arrival of the transcontinental railway a few years later spurred growth even more and by 1892 the area had over 20,000 residents; eighteen years later this figure was over 100,000.

Factor in constant growth every year since (many in the double digits), and Greater Vancouver today is Canada’s largest metropolitan area west of Toronto with well over 2,000,000 residents, roughly half of British Columbia’s population as a whole. It is also the fastest growing part of Canada. Greater Vancouver is one of the most ethnically diverse metropolitan areas in the world and is home to the second largest Chinatown in the world.

The city truly arrived in 1986 when Vancouver “hosted the world” with the Expo 86 World Fair. Media attention from around the world was consistently positive, and many considered it the most successful World’s Fair to date. Vancouver has been awarded the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and this event will no doubt cast Vancouver into the world spotlight once again. It will be the largest city ever to host the winter games, and interestingly, the only city at sea level to host them.

Vancouver is perhaps best known for its scenic beauty, and the opportunities afforded by its natural environment. Vancouver is one of those rare places where you can ski in the mountains, windsurf in the ocean, and play a round of golf all in the same day. Surrounded by water on three sides, and crowned by the North Shore mountains, Vancouver is a great destination in itself, as well a a great starting point for discovering the area’s many outdoor activities.

Vancouver is a major sea port on the Pacific Ocean, and a base for many Alaska Cruise Ships in the summer.

Landmarks/Points of Interest

Canada Place Venture over to the cruise boats ready to depart and you can converse with the lucky passengers about to embark on ‘inside passage’ tours through Alaska. CP has an IMAX theatre as well. CP is located adjacent to the Pan Pacific Hotel.

The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden is the first full-sized classical Chinese garden outside China. It is located in China town on the edge of downtown Vancouver.

International Buddhist Temple is the most authentic example of traditional palatial Chinese architecture in North America. It is an edifice straight out of the Chinese past, as it resembles any authentic temple that can be found along the banks of the Yangtze River, where one of the world’s oldest civilizations originated. Come explore traditional Chinese art, culture, and the Buddhist philosophy inside this magnificent place. Free admission.

University of British Columbia This Campus has streets lined with trees and stretching over an area encompassing a small city, the UBC campus offers much to see and much to do. You can attend free lectures, relax at clothes-optional Wreck Beach [18], or see a show at the Chan Centre for Performing Arts [19]. The UBC Libraries form the second largest library collection in all of Canada (second only to University of Toronto). A must for cash-strapped visitors: UBC often hosts free events, such as seminars, theatrical performances or student concerts.

Granville Island is Vancouver’s famous public market. Along with the large market there are also numorus local art galleries, restaurants and even a brewery.

Gastown is Vancouver’s historic district, there are many tourist shops, restaurants and pubs in this area. This is also where Storyeum is located.

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Jul 042021

Any parent whose baby has suffered from colic can tell you that colic is one of the most excruciating experiences ever imaginable. Nothing is worse than seeing one’s baby in pain and not being able to help take it away. Finding relief for colic quickly becomes a toppriority. There are many different colic remedies that may come to the rescue for your particular baby. Each baby is unique and may only respond to some or a combination of colic remedies. Unfortunately, parents may have to use the old trial and error method to determine which provide the greatest amount of relief for their little colic sufferer. One thing is certain the days of “waiting it out” are long one for those determined to find an answer. There is no need to suffer needlessly along with baby. If you’ve tried all proper feeding and burping techniques and baby is still crying, try the following list of the most effective remedies available:

1. Music / Sound – Traditional lullabies, classical music composed for infants and heartbeat/womb CDs are very popular external remedies that relax many babies suffering from colic. You can find some particularly good ones at the SlumberSounds web site. Some parents have had great success by placing baby in carseat on top of running dishwasher, washing machine, dryer or near running vacuum cleaner. A gentle “shhhhhhh”ing sound in baby’s ear can work magic, as can soft whispers and humming or singing.

2. Diet – Bottlefed babies with colic may show improvement if switched to a different formula, such as soy. The mothers of breastfed babies may have to pay close attention to their own diet to make sure that babies are not having negative reactions to certain foods. Try eliminating the following common culprits one at a time for a week to see if there are any signs of improvement for baby: dairy, caffeine, chocolate and gas-producing foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, peppers, melons, tomatoes, citrus fruits, beans and peanuts.

3. Gripe Water – Be sure to check the ingredients before buying a gripe water. Many claim to be natural but include artificial ingredients and preservatives. Colicky infants’ digestive systems certainly do not need any of these potential irritants. Some gripe waters are not very helpful.

4. Warm Aromatherapy Bath / Massage – Add a few drops of lavender to a warm bath and follow with the soothing touch of massage. Focus massage on the tummy area to relieve painful trapped gas. You can research baby massage techniques on the web or pick up a book on the subject. A good one to try is The Practical Art of Baby Massage by Peter Walker. You can buy lovely lavender, chamomile and fennel massage oils specifically designed for baby massage on the Web. There is also a popular baby massage tool called “Snukkles” which may work well for you.

5. Swaddling – Babies are often soothed when swaddled or held close to a parents chest and heartbeat since they are reminiscent of the comfort and safety of the womb. Newborn babies are soothed in nurseries with swaddling. Techniques on folding soft, stretchy blankets are easy to learn. Find instructions and diagrams online or pick up a book/ magazine on the topic. A good ready-made wrap to try is “Swaddleme”, easy to find on the Web.

6. Motion – Walking, rocking and movement are very comforting to most infants. The good old rocking chair may be all it takes. Some parents have been known to push stroller or drive around in car until baby falls asleep. Try putting baby in an infant chest carrier or sling so that your hands can be free. Walk with baby facing down across arm with hand under abdomen,applying gentle pressure. This position is often referred to as “the colic hold”. Many babies like to be outdoors. Almost all babies love swings. Try a combination of the above to see what helps soothe baby the best.

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Jul 032021

Somewhere between scribbling your idea on a cocktail napkin and actually starting a business, there’s a process you need to carry out that essentially determines either your success or failure in business. Oftentimes, would-be entrepreneurs get so excited about their “epiphanies”—the moments when they imagine the possibilities of a given idea—that they forget to find out whether that idea is viable.

The age-old adage ‘Look before you leap’ is true for all walks of life – starting a new business or expanding an existing one being no exception. Market research report services are the ‘look’ factors that need to be done before you take the ‘leap’ in the world of business. A proper assessment of the intended market segment, the particular geographical area or the likes and dislikes of the customers will go a long way in making the right decisions that can ensure the success of your business. Reports provided by the market research report services are the headlights of your vehicle, as they will show you the various pitfalls on your road to success.

There are a number of ways you can try to benefit from free market research report services without spending a fortune. You can also try secondary research if you don’t want to spend money. Secondary research refers to what’s already out there – information about the industry. This is information you can find yourself rather easily and for free by accessing Web-based directories and resources or visiting your local library.

There are a number of ways you could go about acquiring market research report services for less also. The Internet can provide international market research report services, which contain various reports and surveys of different types of worldwide markets. You can also get details of various providers of market research reports.

Many entrepreneurs often shirk from doing market research, as it appears to be a difficult and expensive task. However, a determined effort along with the grit to face unpleasant market feedback is needed to succeed. Short of doing this, you will only have your luck to fall back upon.

Reports provided by the market research report services are needed to figure out the following: to determine consumer behavior, to understand the working of the market in combination with quantitative data so that the product can be promoted successfully, and appropriate use of statistical analysis packages and surveys.

Market research report services are the sources of gaining information about your market. Preferably, they provide you the specific information about your target market and the key factors that influence their buying decisions. Market research can be casual and limited in scope and, although it may not be “statistically significant” research, it can still be valuable. The value and “degree of fit” may be based on the quality, cost, or the amount of time to acquire the information using market research report services.

Market research report services can prove invaluable in determining your idea’s potential. You can gather information from industry associations, Web searches, periodicals, federal and state agencies, and so forth. A trip to the library or a few hours online can set you on your way to really understanding your market. Your aim is to gain a general sense of the type of customer your product or service will serve—or at least to being willing to find out through the research process.

So you must determine which market research report service is going to work best for you. Make that decision based on the value you will receive, versus the time and other resources you need to invest to gain access to that information.

RNCOS is an industry leader in the field of online business research. We specialize in industry research on various business verticals. To read our reports, please visit us at or email us at

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Jul 022021

Ok, you realize that print Yellow Page advertising is STILL a very powerful way to reach your local prospects. You’ve also learned that you can’t rely on the publishers’ overworked Yellow Page ad designers. Those poor souls have to crank out 20 or so Yellow Page ads a day! How much time can they spend on your Yellow Page ad design? More importantly, how much could they possibly know about your business other than its category? YOU must take charge! Prospects don’t call categories; they don’t even call businesses; they call solutions. Successful Yellow Page ads are ones that uniquely and believably speak to prospects’ needs. Avoiding the following 8 crucial DONT’S will help ensure that your Yellow Page ad is the one readers’ call.

1) Your Business Name Is Still Your Yellow Page Ad Headline. Stop it Already!
After 100 years, you’d think Yellow Page advertisers would’ve gotten it by now. But take a gander in your directory and sure ’nuff, the majority of advertisers STILL use their business name as their Yellow Page ad headline. Look, your prospect has a problem. The solution to their problem is nowhere to be found in your name, your logo or even your photo. Prospects really don’t care about who you are! They only want to know who can best solve their problem. Place your name and logo near the bottom of your Yellow Page ad design, along with your other contact information. That’s where they belong, so place them there!

2) Hey, I’ve Got a Hole at the Top of My Yellow Page Ad Design!
You’ve moved your business name down below, EXCELLENT! In its place, you must now develop and insert the most powerful headline you can muster. Run it at the very top of your Yellow Page ad design. Run it BIG and run it BOLD. If your headline is pretty good, your prospect may want to continue reading. If it’s REALLY good, they won’t have much choice. That’s the mark of a truly great headline. It promises a unique benefit that sets you apart from all the rest in a meaningful way. It tells prospects… this business cares about me, they understand my dilemma… THIS is the company I should call!

To create your headline, block out the entire world and imagine that YOU are the prospect facing the problem. What are your feelings? What’s most important to you at this moment in need? Only when you’re able to tap into your prospects’ inner thoughts and feelings, will you be able to craft an effective headline that truly resonates with your target audience. If you spend 10 hours on your Yellow Page ad design, devote 6 hours to your headline. Trust me, it will be well worth your time.

3) You’ve Got Such A Colorful Yellow Page Ad, It’s Going To Just Fly Off The Page!
It’s true that a colorful ad MAY attract more attention than a single color ad BUT that doesn’t necessarily mean it will get “more phone calls”. The only thing a brightly colored Yellow Page ad will do for sure is create an incredibly loud sucking sound near your wallet. Color doesn’t persuade prospects to call you; the MESSAGE in your Yellow Page ad persuades prospects to call. If you’re determined to maximize your ROI, forget about color! Instead, concentrate on your MESSAGE and the overall effectiveness of your Yellow Page ad design.

4) Your Yellow Page Ad Design Talks To Everyone, Now EVERYONE Will Call You… Right?
Are you speaking to everyone, trying to sell everything? Your competitors have fallen into the same trap… they’re shouting the same words and images to EVERYONE. And in trying to sell to everyone, they end up persuading no one. Don’t compete with everyone else in your category! Instead, carve a “unique place” in the market and reap massive market share.

Here’s an example: Mr. Everybody is a plumber who, like everyone, wants to attract as many customers as possible. He proudly lists 35 different services in his Yellow Pages ad design. You name it, he does it… from plugged sinks to total bathroom remodels. Now along comes Mr. Waterheater. This wise plumber decided that he wanted to attract “EVERY water heater replacement” prospect in his town, so he designed a very compelling ad that does just that. It speaks ONLY to the person whose water heater has just sprung a major leak. How did these two plumbers fare? Unfortunately, Mr. Everybody’s Yellow Page ad didn’t attract everybody because his ad (like all the others) spoke to NO ONE powerfully. No one paid attention. On the other hand, Mr. Waterheater’s tightly targeted Yellow Page ad connected powerfully with his single target audience. Mr. Waterheater’s prospects felt the same way. In fact, he attracted so many water heater projects that he can now afford to take out a second ad in the Plumbing heading. This time around, he’s decided to target “EVERY sewer replacement” prospect in his town! Savvy Mr. Waterheater understands the awesome power of prospect targeting.

When you tightly focus your Yellow Page ad on your most desired customers, it will attract and persuade that audience more successfully than ANY other ad in your heading. In other words, you’ll have eliminated the competition. Pretty cool, huh?

5) Body Copy? Nah, In The Yellow Pages All I Need Are Easy-To-Read Bullet Points!
Wrong! Bullet points do a great job of listing features, but they generally do not speak to clients felt needs and concerns – these aren’t easily bulleted items. But most customers are looking for a company that they can ‘feel’ the best about calling and doing business with. If you want to be that business, you’ll need copy that addresses the prime concerns of the prospect and that helps build confidence and trust.

Make no mistake; bullet points are good for outlining your services. BUT, you also need persuasive copy that enhances and substantiates the unique headline concept you spent so much time developing. Be concise, speak clearly and explain how you’re different from the rest. Use descriptive words that have a little shock value, not the generic (boring) copy used by all the others. Speak to your prospects in a positive, friendly tone, as if they’re standing right there in front of you. And, toss out all that self-absorbed WE, WE, WE copy. Remember, it’s all about THEM! So make it… YOU, YOU, YOU!

6) I Run A Package Shipping Service… See All My Pretty Boxes?
Yeah, your boxes are really nice. But hey, wait a minute! All the OTHER shipping service ads have pretty boxes too. So much for setting yourself apart from your competitors. NEVER use “expected” images in your Yellow Pages ad. Obvious, generic images do not convey your “unique” benefits to prospects. They only put you on the same playing field as all the rest. The sole objective of your Yellow Page ad design is to grab the reader’s attention first, and to persuade them with a powerful message so that they call you. You can’t succeed by saying and showing the same things as all the others. Don’t feel bad, many Yellow Page advertisers (and novice ad designers) make this same mistake! It’s no surprise that so many businesses complain of poor response rates with their Yellow Pages advertising.

Think about it from your prospects point of view. How will a pretty box differentiate you from all the others? How will it convey your most unique benefits? How will a box help motivate ANYONE to call you? You must choose “unexpected” images that jar peoples’ brain cells, set you apart from your competitors AND convey your unique benefits. Some may disagree and say… “But my pretty boxes tell people EXACTLY what my business is all about!” That’s unfortunate. If you own a package shipping service and the most unique BENEFITS you have to offer are shipping boxes, you may want to reconsider self-employment. Remember, your unexpected photograph or artwork MUST A) Be an arresting, eye-grabbing image that… B) Reinforces your unique headline concept (benefit) and… C) Differentiates your business from the others, in a powerful and meaningful way.

7) Call to Action? I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Call To Action!
It’s a proven fact that more people will take action if you TELL them exactly what to do. Tell them to call and be sure to include a darn good reason. Say “Call right now for your FREE no-obligation analysis!” And don’t bury your call to action, place it right above your phone number. Remember, prospects generally search the Yellow Pages because they are looking to give someone their business – by calling them! Make it easy for them to call you and give them a reason to call you , and they’ll call you. And isn’t that the goal?

8) My Artist Cousin Said He Can Design My Yellow Pages Ad.
Expensive advertising is advertising that doesn’t work. An ineffective design will cost you far more in lost business than you’ll ever be able to save upfront. The Yellow Pages are a unique advertising medium and few people know how to create effective ads for it. Shop around for a specialist! Ask questions and get testimonials. Seek a genuine Yellow Page ad design expert with a solid track record of results. Warning: If an advertising professional also sells: Web site design, SEO services, logo design, brochures, illustration and marketing manuals, keep looking because they’re not Yellow Page direct response specialists. Sample their Yellow Page ads. Do they resemble the impotent concoctions that your Yellow Page publisher provides for FREE? If so, keep looking for a professional who adheres to the strategies you’ve just read. Then you can sit back and relax… you’ll be well on your way to Yellow Pages advertising success.

Does your Yellow Page ad design make your phones ring and competitors weep? Or, has it got you crying the Yellow Pages advertising blues? Let me know…

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