Aug 032021

So much is written about arthritis and you can get confused as to what causes arthritis and what arthritis treatments are effective. Arthritis is an inflammatory condition. This inflammation come from infections. Infections come from a variety of conditions such as:

Bacteria, viruses, pathogens, yeast that you ingest or that is already in your body

Air pollution from cars or from your work environment

Un-natural food that you eat that is processed or irradiated

Food additives such as dyes, colorings, preservatives, enhancers, gases, sugar

Contaminants in your water such as fluoride, chloride and other substances

Stress from your work and home life

This small list gives you an idea of the many chemicals and emotional sources that can lead to infections in the body and result in arthritis. You can see that all of these sources are part of your regular diet and lifestyle. Now if you couple this with a weak immune system, you set the stage for some serious arthritis conditions. A weak immune system can not control and eliminate these infections so these infections can turn into serious inflammations.

Because of toxins and infections, there are very few people that will escape developing arthritis in their life time.

But for those of you that are health conscious and look to prevent various illnesses, here are some arthritis treatments and arthritis preventive measures.

Arthritis Treatment

The first step you need to take is to take daily antioxidants. You get antioxidants in the deep dark red, blue, black berries and other fruits. Pomegranate juice is one of the most powerful antioxidant juices and provides arthritis protection. Recently I have been using Purity Products Super Reds and New Vitality’s Ruby Reds Powder. I put one scoop of powder in some apple juice or other juice and add a dropper full of green tree extract. This gives me a high dose of antioxidants to fight off the heavy dose of free radicals that I consume from the air, food, and thought. Remember free radicals attack tissue causing infections and inflammation in every part of your body.

These powders are great tasting and are good for the kids in the morning.

So now, if you add juicing to your morning habit, you will be adding high levels of antioxidants and in addition many minerals and vitamins that buildup your immune system. Use pineapple, alfalfa sprouts, cantaloupe, apricot, cabbage, and cucumber juices. And, you can add a bit of ginger juice to gives you anti-inflammatory protection.

In a recent article, I wrote about Lion’s Mane. Here you have a powerful immune system enhancer. It contains 3 Chinese mushrooms – Lion’s Mane, Maitake, Reishi -that will buildup your immune system and in addition improve your memory. I have been using this for only a week and I can sense a slight improvement in my memory and how quickly words come into my thought as I express myself. Build up your immune system and this is a powerful arthritis treatment. You body will be able to fight of toxic matter and at the same time protect your joints from infection and inflammation.

This is just a start in dealing with pain and inflammation wherever it maybe in your body – in your joints, organs, or tissues. Use antioxidants and red powders to prevent inflammation. Use juices to give you minerals and vitamins to help improve your immune system. And then give yourself a powerful immune stimulator by take Lion’s Mane. Now you have an arthritis treatment that can start protecting your joints and other parts of your body from arthritic infection and inflammation.

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Aug 022021

Although I love my work, parts of my research and writing can be demanding. I am a natural nutritionist, specializing in preparing articles, e-books, and other written material that shows people, like you, on how to understand and use natural remedies.

Being able to make a career by writing was in many ways a dream come true, but it also has a downside to it. For every minute of pure joy on writing what I like, there are times when I need to relax, be entertained, or to learn new things about my business. During those times, I need something interesting to listen to.

Music can be relaxing, but sometimes I need something different. Sometimes what I really want is a good story. Often I like to listen to radio broadcasts, or to sit down to the Discovery Channel, but more often I just listen to audio books online.

I have always enjoyed a good book, and I discovered that by listen to audio books I have added a new dimension to my living.

When I listen to online audio books, it is like being read to and I don’t need to think too much. I have always loved stories, and like almost everyone I know, I learned a love of literature by being read to.

I used to rent audio books from the library, and they have a good selection but not always the latest, but I quickly exhausted the possibilities. I had listened to literally every book on tape that they had! That is when I decided to start to download audio books online. Some of them were available for free, but only a few of them. Then I found a service that would give me almost any book that I wanted for a reasonable monthly price. It was well worth it.

When I listen to audio books online, I become more productive, more efficient, and happier in my work. I also purchase audio books online that are downloadable and I can move them into my ipod, mp3 player, flash hard drive stick, CD, or just my computer.

I think the mp3 player is a revolution, since it allows you to download audio topics and you can turn your wasted time into learning time. The information that you can now find through audio books online is amazing.

Something about the audio books online is rejuvenating and exciting for me. When I download online fiction books, informational books, or educational books, I and listen to them in my spare time it relaxes me and at the end of the day I feel good about myself. . My wife has even commented on the change. Listen to audio books that I download online has added a new dimension in my living and learning.

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Most people wonder where they should start when they are ready to start improving their health. There is so much information on getting healthy and every practitioner or health guru wants you to start with their program. So what do you need to do and where do you go for that information/

If you go back and read many of the books written during the 50′ to 80’s you will find that most of the natural health healers always recommended you start with the colon.

If you go to your health food store you will find numerous colon cleansing products and in health magazine you will finds many advertisements on colonics.

If you first concentration on improving your colon health, you will do your whole body a favor and you will start to feel and be healthier. Because your colon serves your whole body with nutrients and information, you can make a big impact on becoming healthier.

Every part of your body is reflected in the colon. This means that every spot on the colon corresponds to some part of the body. It is through this spot that nutrients and information is sent to that part of the body. Can you imagine if that spot that represents your brain is filled with toxic matter and filled with layer after layer of toxic material that has built up over the years.

When the brain spot on your colon is corrupted, then toxins move readily into your brain and in addition traumatic life incident can readily move into the brain and settle there forever. The toxins in the brain make you senile in old age and the traumatic feeling can activate a heart attack when your heart immune system weakens.

Can you then imagine all parts of your colon walls being covered with toxic matter or being constantly exposed to toxic matter that stays there for 3-5 days because you were constipated? You could expect toxins to be flooding all parts of your body and weaken those parts to the point of failure when you get older.

It is my opinion that if you do anything for your health that you concentrate colon cleansing. This can be done by always eating and living a lifestyle that gives you a natural colon cleanse. Here are three things that you can do as a natural colon cleansing.

1. Change the way that you eat and not what you eat by helping your body during its normal body cycles. The body detoxifies from 8 am to noon, so don’t eat any heavy food during this period. Eat only fruits and vegetables and their juices. This helps to detoxify your colon and other areas of your body.
2. Eat more fiber since this helps to keep your colon clean and free of constipation and of other disease. Get your fiber from fruits and vegetables. For those of you that are over 60, since you may have diverticulosis, avoid these foods, seeds, nuts, black berries, cucumber, tomatoes, wheat, and rye. Avoid those foods with seeds since they my get lodged in the diverticula pockets and cause inflammation.
3. Use a colon cleanse once a year that helps to dissolve built up toxins along the colon walls. Once such product is Oxypowder.

Keeping your colon in good health is your key to your overall health. Plan to remove toxic matter from your colon. Eat a diet high in fiber to keep your colon strong and healthy. And, assist your body to detoxify by eating foods and liquids that digest quickly from 8 am to noon.

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When you eat at a buffet, do you consume just about all the food you can and worry about acid reflux or heartburn later? I see it all of the time, just about every one I see at a buffet or even a company potluck, loads their plate with more food than they stomach can handle at one time.

The medical industry has brainwashed most people to believe that if you have heartburn or acid reflux, you have too much stomach acid and that this is the cause of heartburn. Then, then they use Tums or some other over the counter remedy to quench their upset stomach. Or if they are seeing a doctor, the doctor will prescribe a acid blocker drug.

The drugs – acid reducers or blockers – that doctors prescribe usually have a negative impact on your health. Your stomach must have an acid pH of 1.5 to 2.5. With acid blockers or reducers, your stomach pH can move to 3.0 and higher – this means less acidic. A pH of 3.0 or higher can lead to many health problems that you won’t relate to your use to these blockers.

Heartburn, acid reflux or GED occur when the Lower Esophageal Valve, LEV, opens when it shouldn’t. When this happens some stomach acid and digested food slips back into the esophagus. This will give you a burning sensation, since the esophagus lining is not design to be exposed to acidic stomach contents

If you ever get acid reflux or heartburn, the burning sensation, stomach pain, bleaching, and discomfort will make you look for a heartburn treatment. Here is a list of eating patterns that you should follow, if you want to be free of heartburn. Or, if, you just want not to have stomach digestive problems.

Heartburn treatment with digestive enzymes

Just before you eat, take 2 – 3 digestive enzymes to help you digest your food. You don’t want undigested food to stay in your stomach to long or it will decompose, create gas and turn into an acid source. And, if this undigested food gets into your colon, it can create colon cancer, if it occurs over many years.

Heartburn treatment with water

Limit the amount of liquid you drink when you eat. Drinking excess water, dilutes your stomach acid and you need its low pH to digest your food. If you do drink liquid, use room temperature water, since cold water slows down your digestive process.

Heartburn treatment – eat less sugar

Limit your consumption of sugar when you eat. Sugar has no nutritional value and causes calcium to go out your urine. In addition, other minerals are used up during its digestion. For sure don’t drink soda or other sweet drinks during your meals.

Heartburn treatment – watch how you eat fruit

After you eat, don’t eat any fruit. Your stomach is busy digesting the food you just ate. Eating fruit will cause the fruit to remain in your stomach to long, waiting to be digested and will start decaying create gas, and will become acidic.

Heartburn treatment by using a good diet

Don’t stuff yourself at the dinner table. When you eat to much food where you combine meat, carbohydrates, sugar, sodas, fats, and processed foods, the food your stomach cannot digest turns into acid. This acid creates gas and can put pressure on a weak LEV causing it to open.

A weak LEV can be cause by eating too much acid food. It can be caused by mixing to many different foods during a meal. A balanced diet, which contains alkaline and acid food keeps your LEV strong and will not open when you occasionally eat more food than you should.

These are just a few heartburn treatments that can help you keep heartburn free. Your stomach needs strong acid to digest your food. Using acid reducers or blockers like Tums or other medication goes against the nature of your stomach. Without an acid stomach, you will become susceptible to a numerous diseases and a weak LEV valve.

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Overture or now known as Yahoo because of Yahoo’s takeover, was the original inventor of the use of the P4P or Pay for Performance. Overture saw that the internet was fast becoming the easiest and most convenient way to shop, and advertising was going to hit at an all time high because of the many businesses in the arena.

To get a person to go to a site than others, it needs to be very visible. Providing ads that could direct potential consumers and costumers to their site would allow them to have an increase in traffic as well as sales. Yahoo provides a service that can put a site or company’s ad in their sites that can be shown when certain keywords are inputted.

Yahoo offers a chance for any company to increase their traffic by using their services. With more people being aware of your site, there would be more traffic and visitors to your site given the chance to view your pages as well as your products. With even a small percentage of successful sales, with a high traffic volume this could still be a substantial figure for your company.

Getting a consistent substantial flow of website visitors is every company’s goal. Many methods are devised and utilized to ensure that there would be more people to boost the sales and to be aware of the existence of such a product or service. Website visitors are potentially the life blood of your internet based business.

Yahoo/Overture utilizes the same principle as Google’s Adwords. In fact, they are very similar to each other that they use keyword and keyword phrase searches and to determine which ads to show per search. When a person types in a keyword or keyword phrase to search for anything, the search engines gives out the results in a page. Then at the right side of the page, you will see selected ads that have paid for their ads to be viewed with certain keywords and keyword phrases searched.

For example, Lets say you run a car parts retail/wholesale site. You choose keywords that can prompt or trigger your ads to be shown in the page when a keyword is searched. When a search engine user types in Honda Accord, your ad may come up if you have designated that as one of your keywords. You don’t need to fully optimize your site with Search Engine Optimization methods and techniques.

While some labor so hard to make their site one of the high ranking sites per keyword search, you get the chance to be on the top of the list or at least in the first page of a search result increasing your chance to be clicked on. With that, you drive traffic and website visitors to your site a lot faster.

You will have to pony up some cash when using this service though. There are different ways Yahoo/Overture will charge you. It may be in the number of Keywords or Keyword phrases your ad uses or in the many times your ad is clicked on. Others offer many other services like having your ad show up not only in the search engine pages but also with some third party sites.

Third party sites support ads that have the same theme or niche as them. With more areas your ad is shown, you increase the chances of people knowing about your site or product. With more website visitors you increase the sales of your site which makes your investment with your ads a wise one.

With so many competitions in the internet based businesses, it is necessary to take a huge leap forward from the pack by advertising. Yahoo/Overture will be a great place to start. Many have utilized their services and have reaped the rewards of this decision. It’s a marketing strategy that will increase your website visitors as well as increase your sales resulting to profit.

It takes money to make money, while there are some methods that are basically low cost or free, using a marketing service such as what Yahoo/Overture offers will provide results faster and on a larger scale. Many businesses have learned this the hard way, don’t be counted with them.

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$100 An Hour Making Exclusive 3-D Foto-Figures.
This is a creative business in which you can turn your spare time into big money, and all you really need to get started is a few materials and your existing work shop. If you don’t have a workshop, a corner of your basement or garage will give all the space you need.

You could have paid $14,990 for a course and setup in this business. That’s what one company has advertised in Entrepreneur magazine. Why would you want to pay such a high price when this brief report will show you virtually everything you will need to know.

You may have seen them on display or sold under different names such as photo sculptures, photo statues or self-standing figurines, but the principle is the same. Basically, they are photographs that have been cut and mounted onto an acrylic background, then fastened to a base. And, they sell like hot cakes to those who want something unique and different
-especially when it is a likeness of themselves, relative,
their home, or favorite pet.

If you’ll be starting from scratch, your total investment
should not exceed $200… and it should be considerably less if you already have a home workshop in your basement.

These are the basic tools you’ll need:
Variable speed scroll saw
Belt sander (or sand paper)
Drill & drill bits
Spray adhesive
Hand Vacuum
Work table ( or picnic bench)

If you have just a few spare hours available each week, you
should be able to make a nice part time income, a few hundred
dollars or more once you get rolling in this business. Here’s a breakdown of approximate costs and selling prices for the various size photo figures:

Approximate Cost Approximate
Size Cost to Make Selling Price
3X5 $1.40 $10.00
5×7 $1.90 $14 to $18
8×10 $3.95 $20 to $25
16×20 $5.00 $30 to $35

Now, figure in your labor and the time necessary to make such
figure which will be about 15 minutes when you complete a few
practices jobs and become accustomed to working with this material.
Using the largest size as an example, if you had an assignment
for jut 4 figures and you completed each in 15 minutes, this gives you a gross of $120 FOR an hour’s work. Now subtract your production cost of $5 each or $20 for the four figures, and you still come up with $100.

Naturally, all jobs won’t be for the larger size, but you could (if you really wanted to) specialize, only in the size to make the biggest net profits. You might do better, however, if you will provide all sizes to attract the most customers.

Although this is relatively easy work, a certain amount of practice will be needed to become proficient. Just how much practice you will need depends on how skillful you are in working with your hands. If you already have a workshop in which you have done creative work, you will probably master 3-D Figures in just a few minutes after getting a “feel” for the acrylic materials. Otherwise, it might take an hour or two
before you begin feeling comfortable at this job.

Check your local Yellow Pages under Plastics. Acrylic is generally sold in 4×8 foot sheets, such as wall paneling, but ask if they will cut yours into smaller 2 x 4 foot sizes, which will make the material easier to handle when you begin cutting and gluing.
Be sure to check several sources because prices can often vary greatly among suppliers. You shouldn’t have to pay more than $100 for a 4 x 8 foot, quarter inch sheet. In fact, ask if they have scrap pieces available that you can buy. If so, this could save you a lot of money.

Make sure your shop or working area is well lighted and
ventilated. If you don’t already have a scroll saw and have to buy one, select one with a fast speed because the faster the speed, the smoother the cut. Always use a sharp blade in your saw – a fine blade for cutting small details, a wider blade for larger area cuts. CAUTION: If the blade isn’t sharp, it tends to
melt the acrylic.

Take one of your practice photos and begin cutting out the primary subject for your figure. The primary subject is what you want to highlight, such as a head and shoulders figure of a person, an entire group of people, a car, house, pet, etc. All background areas will be eliminated.

DO NOT cut close to the subject, but allow about an inch all around making sure your scissors are sharp right to the points.

The size and shape of your acrylic backing will of course depend on the size of the subject. You’ll want to pre-cut a section of acrylic that will accommodate your photo. A good adhesive for this is a photo mount spray glue, available at most photo stores. Before you glue the photo to the plastic, blow away any remaining dust or plastic chips from the surface or they will show through the picture.

To mount your photo, first spray your acrylic, then lay one edge of your photo down and gradually bring it down to the other edge. You only have one shot at this step, so sure you’re practicing on your own photos before attempting to work for someone else.

Keep your glue away from fire and flame, and allow plenty of ventilation to protect yourself from fumes. You can use a rubber roller to smooth out the photo and eliminate air bubbles. The glue will dry completely in about 15 minutes.

Now you’re ready to make final cut around that border you had originally left on. Lay the picture down, face up, and begin cutting… moving the acrylic into blade. To make cuts in the middle of a photo, such as between arms and legs, drill a hole where you want to cut… then insert the blade in the drilled hole and cut out the portion you want removed.

The base is what will make your figure stand upright and it can be either a rectangle shape or cut free form – whichever will make the picture look best. Be sure to sand all edges before gluing the base. Super glue will probably be your best choice for this.

When your figure is finished, examine it carefully to make sure you have made all the right cuts in the right places, that all edges have been sanded smooth, and that it stands straight on the base. Now, put the finished figure into a plastic bag for protection, or have small boxes ready.

At this point it would be a good idea to have small labels printed with your name and address to put on the bottom (or back) of each figure. When someone picks it up, they will see who made it and this can produce a lot of extra business for you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment (on your own photos, of course) to create new and different ideas that will be saleable. For example, acrylic comes in a variety of colors, so you can standardize on black or white… or experiment with your color for the backing and another for the base; or, you might want to arrange your figures on layers of different size and color backings. Let your imagination guide you.

We’ve just covered the creative end of 3-D photo figures, but now we must find an outlet for them, first establishing a business. You’ll need official stationery for this, so decide what you will call your business, or just use your own name; John’s 3-D Figures or something like that. Any local quick print shop can print your name and address on letterheads and
envelopes, and it would be a good idea to also include business cards as well as Statements and Order Forms.

Check your local photo shops to find out if they offer such a product to their customers. If not, you have virgin territory. If they do, see if you can beat the prices they pay and sell for. Show them a few of your samples and offer to work with them on a 50/50 arrangement. You do all the work, they make sales to their own customers. If you have 5 or more shops working with
you this way, the business should keep you pretty busy.

Of course, if you would prefer not to share your profits, you might want to sell directly to the public. To do this, run small ads in your local newspapers, something like this:
Sell Your Crafts Using The Techniques In This eBook.

Beautiful Lifelike 3-D Figures. Skillfully crafted and mounted on durable, colorful acrylic. Show off your prize possessions or those you love on these free-standing 3-D Photo Figures. A perfect gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas and other holidays. A cherished lifetime gift for as little as $9.95.
Phone ______ (Your name & address)

You can enhance the above ad by including a small picture of one of your 3-D photo figures, or several samples, to show what they look like for those who don’t know.
These 3-D Photo Figures make an ideal mail order item, so your might want to establish your own mail order business. To do this properly, however, you should keep your ad small (to reduce the cost) and ask readers to write for information.

To those who write, send a friendly letter and circular/brochure illustrating your sample figures. Include an order form including your size and prices for the various figures. Naturally, you will have to ask potential customers to send you the photo they want mounted, with full assurance that it will be
beautifully created into a 3-D Photo Figure that they will be proud to display or give as a gift.

Using the pricing example on Page 1 of this report, you can determine the price for your customers based on your cost, size of the finished product, and the length of time it requires to complete.

However you decide to sell your creations, you can quickly build this into a very profitable part time (or fill time) business in which you can make $100 or more per hour. Even if you work only 10 hours a week, $1000 weekly isn’t to be scoffed at.

(Top Ten Work At Home Jobs! Earn $5,000 Weekly.)

Author Greg Wadel:
Find more information on work at home opportunities.

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Does your house sign or number need restoration. Are the letters and numbers faded and scruffy? Was it a good quality house sign in its heyday? If so consider re-furbishing your house sign with genuine gold leaf.
Gold leaf has some real advantages over metallic paint which is the alternative. Many of these paints will fade in sunlight, some of them quite quickly, the Unless you can obtain a professional sign writers paint, bright gold paint will change to a colour more like old dull copper.

Any DIY artist out there will enjoy the challenge of uprating an old house sign, it is an ideal small project to try out the art of gilding.

First you will need a few things.:
1. A small 1/4 inch paint brush,
2. A larger 1 inch soft paint brush for brushing away dust .
3. Sharp flat knife, an old dining knife sharpened on a grind stone will do.
4. Book of 22ct gold leaf on a transfer back.
5. Sharp Scissors.
6. Gilders yellow 30 minute size.

As house sign project is intended as a small primer try out so spend as little money as possible, make do with what you already have, you can always buy the proper tools if you enjoy this effort.

Gold is sold in books, with usually 25 pages of gold leaf. It is either sold as loose leaf or with transfer backing. Loose leaf is harder to handle and you will waste a lot of gold. So buy a book of transfer gold leaf and a small bottle of gilders size from a proper gilding supplier (find one on the web) you may be suprised at the reasonable cost. Do not bother with the pretend gold leaf from model shops, it does not handle like real gold and may not have the resistance to weathering that genuine gold leaf has.

About the Gilders size: Gilders size is the adhesive for sticking the gold. Size is sold with several time factors, the 30 minutes in this case applies to the time between painting on the size and applying the Gold leaf. Although sold as 30 minute size the actual time to workability will vary with the ambient temperature. The size is ready the moment it is tacky to touch, you have a short window of time to apply the Gold so be patient and do a few letters at a time.

Try a few practice runs to get a bit of experience, see if you can find an old piece of carved wood or stone, perhaps a discarded photo frame or one of those small ornate plastic flower pots, remember you just need to practice handling and setting to gold leaf into awkward shapes.

Handling the Gold: The transfer gold leaf is gold leaf on a paper backing. Do not attempt to handle with your fingers, instead handle with the blade of an old blunt dinner knife. Cut with the sharp scissors into rectangles about 50% larger than each letter or number.

1: Clean the old sign lettering as thoroughly as possible back to the original material. If the house sign body needs to be painted do it before gilding, keep the letters and the areas for gilding free of paint if you can. Let the painted house sign dry, the gilding should be the final job.

2. Start with just one letter or number of your house sign, you can do more as your confidence grows.
Paint the size onto the surface where you will apply the gold. Try not to over-paint onto the face of the house sign, use a clean cloth to wipe away any excess.

3: Keep an eye on the size, as soon as its touch dry you are ready to apply the gold. press the gold leaf, face down onto the size, rub firmly with your finger or use a smooth tool, the handle of a paintbrush will do, then peel away the backing paper leaving the new gold in place.

There will inevitably be some over-spill but leave it! Wait until the work has dried overnight then clean of with a razor blade or fine wet and dry paper depending on the background finish of the house sign.

I hope you enjoy this attempt at gilding and if it should inspire you to take up gilding as a hobby please let me know!

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Jul 272021

There are so many success stories you will hear about businesses making it good in the internet. The troubling thing is, there are maybe a tenfold or even a hundredfold of stories contradictory to theirs. Many have unsuccessfully launched a business enterprise that is internet based but only a handful shall succeed.

Is this through luck? That is even more remote. It takes good business sense and a lot of help and team effort. Most importantly, it is the eagerness to succeed and the determination to learn and the willingness to invest in a lot of hard work and some money.

The Very Basic

Like Neo, traffic is “The One”. Without traffic, all your effort would just go to waste. Every business needs customers, without them you wouldn’t have anyone to sell your products to. In the internet world traffic is the walk in customer. The more traffic you have the more people would be able to sell your products to.

But like any business that’s in every corner building or in the mall, not everyone that goes in will buy, but the greater of number that do come in to browse your merchandise, the greater number of people that will buy your products. It is a simple and known fact.

But, how do you get traffic, traffic large enough that could make a small percentage of eventual buyers enough to make a good profit. Many big companies generate traffic of tens of thousands a day and a measly ten to fifteen percent actually buys, but that small percentage is enough to provide them with good business.

Many of these success stories get their traffic from paying others. Yes that’s right; you have to spend money to make money. Advertising is the key. The more people that knows that your site exists; the more people would of course go to your site, that’s common sense.

While there are many ways that can get you advertising for free, this do not generate the same high volume as those methods that are getting paid. These paid advertisements include advertising schemes by Google and Yahoo.

The Value of Searches

The search and will be the easiest and fastest medium in finding what a person needs in the internet. Search engines have been very popular because they provide a vital service to many people. They are free and easy to use. With this popularity, they get many visitors and clicks that they are the most common sites that people go to. It is easy to understand why so many companies would pay to advertise with these search engines.

Search engines provide information to the millions of users that they have each day. They provide links to many sites that a user may be looking for. If your sites link pop up in the high ranks of the search results page, you get a great chance that they will go to your site. While search engine optimization is a cheaper and low cost way to get your site a high rank, paying for advertisements will ensure that you will be on the top ranks.

When you pay for your advertisements, it is like paying for your traffic. This may sound like not such a good idea, but the payoffs would tell a different story. When you pay for your traffic, you are guaranteed of a consistent traffic flow to your site. You will never go with an empty sales day.

Paying for your Traffic

Usually, you will be charged with the number of hits a link gets when your ads is clicked, this is called pay per click. For some search engines, you will be charged with the number of times your ad shows up when a certain keyword or keyword phrase is searched. It is imperative that you have good keyword content in your ad. There are many tools that aid you in using the right keyword for the right moment.

All the money you spend in paying for your traffic will not be for naught. You will get an impressive boost in traffic which will also result to a great boost in your sales figures. Paying for your traffic would be a really good idea and you will get all the benefits it has to offer.

Ed Reuben is the owner of Learn by Audio and Video a free membership site used to learn hoe to start your own on-line business. He also has a Catalog on everything you need to start your own on-line business. Join his membership site at See the Catalog at


Jul 262021

Before you start cleaning floors, you need to find out what materials they’re made out of. It also helps to have some idea of how old the floor is before you start. That way, you won’t have to worry about accidentally ruining the floor by using the wrong cleaning products. Depending on your floor, some cleaning methods are definitely going to be better than others.

No matter what you’re cleaning, though, make sure you pay attention to what cleaning products you’re mixing. Better yet, don’t mix any cleaning products together – the only mixing you should be doing is with water in case you need to dilute what you’re cleaning with. The reason for this is that some of the chemicals in cleaning products can become dangerous if mixed. Mixing chlorine products with ammonium products will produce chlorine gas, which is very harmful if breathed.

If you have a wood floor, you need to find out what it has been treated with. If the floor was treated with polyurethane, then you can feel free to mop it at will. Water will not damage this floor unless you leave puddles of it behind for long periods of time. However, if your floor was treated with anything else, you should never use water to clean it. You should clean these floors with a solvent-based cleaner or polish.

Another common floor type is laminate or linoleum. This type of floor is fairly easy to keep clean as long as you have treated the floor well at first. If you wax your linoleum, then it will be easier to clean – and the floor itself will be resistant to dirt and scuff marks from shoes. After the floor has been waxed, you can easily clean it by sweeping or doing a quick mop job.

If you have a carpet, then the easiest way to keep it clean for normal everyday use is to vacuum over it. You should do this once a week for high traffic areas, or any time your carpet looks dirty. If there is a spill or larger mess, then it should not be too hard to take care of. Just use a standard carpet cleaner and you should be able to take care of the stain.

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Jul 252021

The first thing that you’ll need to do when you start installing a dishwasher is to make sure that the place you are going to put the dishwasher is free and ready to be used. If you have to uninstall a dishwasher, you will need to make sure that it is unplugged before you go any further. After that, you should disconnect the water and make sure that it will not leak. Then, take the old dishwasher out.

Before you install anything, you should make sure to measure it properly. This means that you’ll need to find out whether or not the old wiring or pipes are in the right places. You can do this by measuring where the water needs to go into the dishwasher. If the pipes need to be moved, you can either bend them into the right position or you can cut in and install new pipe.

When you are putting a new dishwasher into your kitchen, you should make sure that you are careful to put the dishwasher is level. You should also make sure that the top and sides of the dishwasher are going to be installed even with the rest of your kitchen countertop. That way, there will not be any uneven gaps when you are finished putting it in.

If you’re leveling the dishwasher before you install it, you should make sure that you don’t rely too much on the leveling legs. If you need to lift part of the dishwasher higher than the extent of those legs, then you may have installed it incorrectly. Remeasure the space first, and if you still need to lift more of the dishwasher up, then you can use a block of wood to do so.

Make sure that you’re careful not to drop any of the screws that you’ll be using to install your dishwasher into the interior of the dishwasher itself. If you’re not careful, then you might end up getting small pieces stuck in the drain.

After you’ve put the dishwasher in place, you are ready to hook things up. Hook the drain up first, then the water supply. The last thing that you should connect is the electrical power.

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Jul 242021

If you own a small business and would like to increase your traffic then this article is for you. It is difficult to compete against companies that have large vaults of advertising dollars to promote their products. Yet even a small business can succeed on the internet if it fulfills simple tasks and develops a “poor man’s” marketing strategy. The following list is designed to help you become familiar with certain marketing techniques.

Submit Your Site to Search Engines: Submitting your site to search engines puts your business on the map. Without attracting the mass stream of consumers browsing the net for nearly every available topic you will have to work very hard to stay in business. Top ranking sites receive hundreds of thousands of visitors from major search engines.

Directories: When you submit a site to a directory people can find it by searching that directory. However, there are additional benefits that you may not have thought of. For example, directories also are linked to other directories and the increased amount of links is seen favorably by major search engines that increase your positioning.

Ezine Publishing: There are many sites that allow for you to submit an informative article to their databases that eventually get picked up by major search engines or other websites.

Optimize your Site: Optimize your site so people can find you. Don’t bother trying to compete with the largest of competitors but focus on more niche markets. By focusing on niche markets the key words you use on your site will more likely be picked up by major search engines. For example, the word “marketing” may not give you very much traffic but the words “hand sales” might be more successful.

Add Content To Your Site: Nothing is more of a bore that to keep visiting the same old site with the same old content. By giving away free knowledge and resource businesses/people interested in your topic are more likely to return. Hence, your marketing program is an attempt to retain visitors.

Direct Marketing: Even though many people become annoyed with the constant receiving of email, flyers, and letters in the mail many of them still purchase the products being offered. The key concept here is to make the products as relevant as possible to their business and give them something they want. Don’t bother selling dog shampoo to a business management firm.

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Jul 232021

Polluted Human Body
The human body becomes toxic or polluted from both external
(exogenous) sources and internal (endogenous) sources. The most
common external pathways of toxicity are from inhalation (smoking, air
pollution, dental amalgam fillings, sick buildings), ingestion (chemical
residues on food, chemicals in water, drugs) injection (vaccinations, flu
shots, tattoos), absorption from chemicals from synthetic fabrics, paints,
plastics, pesticides and chemical fertilizers sprayed on lawns, and
irradiation from medical x-rays, nuclear power plants, bomb testing,
uranium mine tailings, cell phones and towers, computer monitors and
televisions, microwave ovens, and power grid and radio and satellite
transmissions. The modern way of life has not only made our life easier,
but has also put our very existence in danger, danger from radiation and

Damage To Our Immune Systems
The internal sources of toxicity are from fermentation, putrification, and
rancidity from undigested foods consumed, and from dehydration,
malnutrition, and toxic thoughts and emotions. This endogenous toxicity
can also be caused from the effects of exogenous toxins contributing to
malnutrition, and inhibition of digestion through damage to the nervous
system, immune system, and enzyme systems. With that, we have to take
all measures to detoxify.

What is Detoxification?
Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing
or transforming them, and clearing excess mucus and congestion. Many of
these toxins come from our diet, drug use, and environmental exposure,
both acute and chronic. Internally, fats, especially oxidized fats and
cholesterol, free radicals, and other irritating molecules act as toxins. Poor
digestion, colon sluggishness and dysfunction, reduced liver function, and
poor elimination through the kidneys, respiratory tract, and skin all add to
increased toxicity. However the most efficient detoxification organ we have
is our skin. Our skin contains millions of pores which are equipped to flush
out toxins. Flushing out toxins has never been easier with Sauna Therapy!

Symptoms of Being Too Toxic
Constipation and diarrhea, are also indications of foul matter in your
intestines. Furthermore, the much more serious problems of cancer and
immune system dysfunctions begin with a toxic bowel. Go ahead, purge
those foul matter out of your body!

Once we truly understand that the “single greatest challenge our bodies
face is the effective removal of wastes and toxins”, we will never again
undermine the importance of frequent bowel movements. Do consult with
your doctor if you do decide to take any form of laxatives.

Toxic Twentieth Century
Toxicity is of much greater concern in the twentieth century than ever
before. There are many new and stronger chemicals, air and water
pollution, radiation and nuclear power. We ingest new chemicals, use more
drugs of all kinds, eat more sugar and refined foods, and daily abuse
ourselves with various stimulants and sedatives. The incidence of many
toxicity diseases has increased as well. Cancer and cardiovascular disease
are two of the main ones. Our body just can no longer cope with all the
toxins around us any longer!

Arthritis, allergies, obesity, and many skin problems are others. In addition,
a wide range of symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, pains, coughs,
gastrointestinal problems, and problems from immune weakness, can all
be related to toxicity.

Flushing Out Toxins
However, we now have a great way of detoxifying by using our main detox
organ, which is our skin. Yes, sweating has proven to release more toxins
than frequent bowel movement! Your sweat contains more toxins, urea and
heavy metal than urine itself. One great way of sweating out all the toxins is
by going through sauna therapy. The heat from the sauna forces your body
to pump out all the toxins stored within into your sweat system and thus
flushes out all the toxins from your body!

So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Sauna! Or better yet, get
your very own personal sauna. For more information on How to Build your
very own home sauna, do visit our site at For more information on Sauna Detox,
do visit

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