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Feb 232020

Always wanted to start a website but you do not know what to do? Or have you always wanted to make money with you website but you do not know what to do?

Well my last post gave a brief summary of how you could have Ultimate Wealth Online Search Engine Optimization (if you missed it you can check out my blog at http://ultimate-wealth-online.blogspot.com). This current one you help you start that website you always have wanted. With your future website or current website and this edition of Ultimate Wealth Online Internet Marketing Course and last edition of Ultimate Wealth Online Search Engine Optimization, I believe you can attain your Ultimate Wealth Online internet marketing goals.

Before I let you in into the Free Ultimate Wealth Online Courses, maybe let me help you a little with your topic of your website. Try to choose a topic you really have interest in and know quite a little about. Why do I say this? This is because Online Business is still a Business. It is work. If you have to do research or studies on a business topic, you might as well choose one you like. If not you might face motivational issues or procrastination later on.

Now you tell me Raye, I do not have much interests, I only spend much of my time watching the television, playing computer games etc, how do I go and find a topic I really like, I do not have much hobbies etc. Well my answer to that is, what type of programmes interest you? Wrestling? Cartoons? Movies? Music? MTV? You see, you already have four good topics you could work on. You could do reviews on the music programmes you have watched. Just join 1 or 2 related affiliate programs and there you have it; a website about music with affiliate links to earn you some extra cash. This might sound easy, the concept is but the implementation and process could be exciting and fun; you have to win over thousands or maybe millions of websites trying to do this.
Then you ask me how am I going to win this competition? Well let me give you this analogy, look at a shopping mall. There are so many shoes and so many shoe shops. How come there are so many that can still sell and survive?
Well people want variety. People want a choice. An alternative. People like to shop around and surf. If you have good content, and you differentiate yourself, making your website a little special and not just another wannabe or just another blah blah website, you stand a good chance. A pretty good chance I might add.
In addition, take look around, surf and brain storm for ideas. To select your domain name and keywords you might want to use Word Tracker (http://www.mindbookstore.com/free_trial_word_tracker.html) this is by far the best software to look for keywords and assist you in Ultimate Wealth Online Search Engine Optimization. Word Tracker has a free trail make good use of it. If you do not want to use the free trial which I find is a waste you could use overture.com keyword search but overture only shows you what people are bidding for in yahoo and the number of searches last month in yahoo. For a more comprehensive research tool use Word Tracker.

Okay free stuff, everybody likes free stuff but free stuff might not be as effective as paid stuff. But here you go you can download good keyword software here or copy this link http://www.goodkeywords.com/products/gkw/ and go to your browser and paste this url http://www.goodkeywords.com/products/gkw/ and hit enter. Like I mentioned in my honest opinion Word Tracker is still the best anyway there is a free trial why not make good use of it?

Okay now to the proper. After you have found your topic of your website you are eager to start. But wait first. Yes you heard it from me, please do not rush. To do any business you need to take risk. No matter how small there is still risk but let me help keep that to a minimum. I have over 20 hours of free Ultimate Wealth Online Internet Marketing Courses for you. It is not conducted by me but I manage to have some of my mentors and gurus on the internet show you.

Here are your Free Ultimate Wealth Online Internet Marketing Courses. I hope you enjoy them and use them (please take action, until you take action, you will not do much productive work on the internet):
• Master Dan Kelly’s Minisite Courses, Free video courses and Free downloads, teaches how to set up mini sites, collect payment through paypal etc.
• Internet Guru Shane Dolby Internet Marketing Course, an ebook and video course on internet marketing, teaches you how to get a free autoresponder, set up website etc
• Email Marketing Expert Michael Rasmussen’s Email Promos Exposed Course, he is really an expert in email marketing and what is more is he teaches you for free, yup free video lessons, use them.
• Affiliate Master Matthew Glanfield’s Affiliate Marketing Formula, yes your hear of Affiliate Marketing Formula course it costs a lot now through me I am offering them to you for free. Yup a 27 day video course for free, please join.

(To access the free courses mentioned above visit http://ultimate-wealth-online.blogspot.com)

Yes there you have it 4 Free Ultimate Wealth Online Courses. Glad you come to read my article? I hope so. Just like you I am too an Ultimate Wealth Online Internet Marketer and so I wish for your success. I hope you enjoy the free courses through me. All you need (to join the courses for free) is to provide the course providers with your non-autoresponder email address, your username and your name.
So there my dear mon amis (dear friends in french), wish you all your best and do enjoy the Free Ultimate Wealth Online Courses.

copyright (c) 2006, Ultimate Wealth Online, Raye Ng, All Rights Reseved

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