Apr 222017

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Feeling content is a constant practice. In yoga we call it Santosha. It is a place of being at peace with exactly who you are and where you are. Sounds like a great place to be right? What about when life throws curve balls that smack us right in our content and peaceful face?
In my own life practice I am constantly flowing between waves of extreme contentment and unrest. Unrest from having a long list of goals and life dreams combined with the motivation to help them manifest. For a long time I was not ok with staying put, getting bored or waiting for things to happen “if it was meant to be”.
Practicing Santosha has helped me turn a frantic, stressed, “trying too hard to make things happen” frame of mind, to a steady pace of awareness and patience. Santosha has taught me to trust universal timing and enjoy the process of achieving goals one sweet moment at a time.
Grandma Isabel was practically the pin up model for Contentment Magazine. She single-handedly made lunches for all the kids before school, did every one’s laundry, knitted a cover for the living room couch, helped the kids with homework after school, made dinner, washed up and had everyone in bed before 9pm. All of this done while Grandpa Joe was traveling for work. Not once did I ever hear her complain or threaten to throw in the towel. She was absolutely sure of her role and expressed it without hesitation, doubt, rebellion or stress.
Like I said, Santosha is a practice so if you are feeling the very opposite of contentment it is ok and very human. These practices exist so we can enjoy the fullness of life. Have fun with it and stop to laugh at yourself when you are taking things way too seriously!
Consider these questions:
1. Are you content in this moment?
2. If not, why?
3. What needs to change for you to feel content?
4. What can you do to make those changes?

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