Apr 232017

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Today is Independence Day here in the States. Since I’m leaving for a good while, I feel it is necessary to write about why I love being an American.
Regardless of all the political spin and protesting (which is an altogether different reason why America is great), our Founding Fathers set up an effective government. We have a solid framework in the Constitution, which grants us freedoms only dreamt about in other parts of the world. Our system of checks and balances limits power and reduces corruption. Thanks to our system, if we don’t like something, we can change it. Vote for Giuliani, Obama, or Scooby Doo..it’s your right.
No, seriously..Vote Travis in ’08
Our military will defend us to the ends of the earth. American armed forces are unmatched the world over. Think about where our nation would be without the bravery exhibited in the Revolution or World War II. Yes, we’re in Iraq. And yes, many people don’t think we should be. But we’re there, so support our troops. We don’t get walked on, and our military is the reason why.
The next thing I love about my country is its capitalist economy. Hey, I have to act like a business student at some point. Anyone with enough resources can start a business, invest, and reap financial gain. The state (for the most part) allows market forces to mandate the successes and failures of a sector, business, or product. We control our own destiny. That individualism translates to a motivated workforce and an economic superpower on the global stage. Cha-Ching.
To stay within the context of this blog, I’m also thankful that I’m free to travel and further my education. The American government has sponsored my exchange experience in Germany, which in itself illustrates the endless opportunities Americans have in today’s world.
I’m proud to call myself American. I hope I’m able to represent my country well during my year in Germany.
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FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $99 at FootballAmerica.com

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