Oct 262018

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The future for solar power looks great. Modern technology has increase the effectiveness of a thin film being used to collect solar energy from the sun. There’s also been a vast improvement in the storage collection batteries. Even the cabling has seen improvements. If these are not enough, we have also seen an improvement in the price of solar power equipment. Owning solar power has become much cheaper today making solar power energy practical for the average homeowner to use.
An interesting twist in the use of solar power has developed over time. Some folks may not be ready to install an entire solar system for their home. Maybe they do not have the money to invest or their home is not in a location that receives full sun. These people are finding out the features of a smaller solar unit attached directly to their power meter will slow down the meter thereby reducing their electric consumption for the month. The benefit of this smaller solar system is a lower monthly bill. There are even periods during the day of free solar power electricity.
It is no secret the hot water heater is one of the biggest energy wasters in the average house. Typically, a family of four will use hot water in the morning and then again in the evening. However, the hot water heater will continue to keep the water in its tank hot 24 hours a day seven days a week. A small solar powered unit can keep the hot water heater running all day and night with free solar power electricity that comes from the sun. The benefit is about 30% reduction in over all monthly electrical use. This makes the features of a small solar panel well worth the cost.
With the cost of electricity rising through the roof today many homeowners are finding out a small solar unit brings a quick return on investment. A small solar power system can usually pay for itself within the first few years. Which means a 100 percent savings every year after that. Quality solar panel systems are guaranteed to produce 90 percent of their rated output for 20 years or more. Plus the parts are now made from materials that are designed to last just as long.
Finally, the best feature and benefit of having free solar power electricity is the tax break. In some cases up to 50% of the initial cost to own solar can be reimbursed with tax credits or tax rebates. It is never made more sense to go green, then today.

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