Oct 272018

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So, you have a pesky DVD that you’d like to backup? The broader question is, do you have DVD ripper software? Well what is better than DVD ripping software? That’s right you guessed it FREE DVD ripper software!
Xflysoft is about the best free HD Video Converter software there is. It runs on Linux, Windows and Mac. It will just about rip anything you throw at it and even encode it. While I personally don’t find the interface that impressive what it lacks in visually it makes up for with functionality. You can tweak just about every possible setting you could ever wish to tweak to get that picture perfect quality. You can choose many pre-defined formats or create your own. You can even queue up encodes so you can get a good nights sleep in while it does its thing.
DVD Shrink is a little trickier to find. It is only suppose to run on Windows but if your like most Linux users you have a virtual machine or are capable of running it under Wine. Thats right, it runs under Wine and is also free. I used to like DVD Shrink until I found Xflysoft. One thing I do prefer about DVD shrink is the ability to easily re-author a DVD, this is quite a useful feature..
HD Video Converter is another piece of free DVD ripper software. I’ve not had as much luck with this one as some of the others but it is a good piece of software none-the-less. Order it here:https://www.regnow.com/softsell/nph-softsell.cgi?item=29451-79.It comes with a lot of distributions and will work in a pinch. Its functionality is very similar to xflysofts. I’ve covered how to Backup DVD’s on Linux with K9Copy before.
If you just need to copy a DVD to an image file, otherwise known as creating an ISO image “dd” can be used. Here you will find a tutorial about making isos with dd.Download it here:http://download.xflysoft.com/hd_video_converter.exe.

FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $120 OR MORE! Try now for a limited time!

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