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What if I told you it was possible to get paid up to $50 an HOUR just to go to your shopping at your favorite mall … eat at your favorite restaurants… golf at your favorite golf courses… or enjoy a movie at your local theater … AND get it all for FREE!! PLUS, not only do you get everything for FREE and receive a great paycheck for your time, but someone pays for the gas to drive your car!
The company will pay you when you:
o Go to restaurants and give your opinion of the food – your meal is free!
o Go to the movies and give your opinion of the trailers and movie
o Go to grocery stores and make sure featured products are in the correct display
o Go to luxury spas and get a massage – give your opinion of the service
o Go to your favorite golf course – golf for free and give your opinion
o Go to amusement parks and give your opinion of the park
o Go to apartment buildings and give your opinion of the cleanliness
o Go to the bank and give your opinion of the customer service
o Rent movies and give your opinion of the rental service
o and the list goes on and on……

The success of any business is built on the quality of its service, as well as meeting the standards set forth by the company. A decrease in either of these areas directly results in the loss of customers, their loyalty, and of course the companies profits. Therefore, it is very important to the success of these companies that they constantly monitor the level of service and satisfaction they are providing to their customers. That’s were Mystery shoppers come in . A mystery shopper is simply someone hired by a company to honestly and anonymously evaluate the quality of service they receive.

Here’s my normal day at work …tell me if this is something you might like to do….. I call my sister or one of my girlfriends to see if they want to go shopping with me. Or, if I have my kids, I take them along to spend a fun day with mom. My assignment today is to go to Neiman Marcus to buy three things – anything I want – but I have to ask the sales lady to try to find another size for me. That’s part of my assignment .. but heck, I do that all the time anyhow. The sales lady is really helpful and finds my size. I have a wedding to go to in a few weeks, so I really need a nice cocktail dress. I find one I love! Then I pick out a really cute matching pants and shirt set. Okay, great! Done! I go to check out and look at my watch as I get in line, and I look at it again when I am finally checking out… two minutes… not bad, and the service here is fantastic. Everyone is really helpful. I make a mental note of that and I’m done! Okay, one more thing to do before I’m done with my day. I have to stop by the local large chain retail store and check things out. I have $50 to spend … I LOVE FREE STUFF!! I pick out some makeup, tissue, and maybe a tape for my son. Hey, these are things I need anyhow, and someone else is paying for it … DOES IT GET BETTER???

I once again glance at my watch as I get in line and again as I check out. Seven minutes .. A little long, but they were crowded … but then again, they should have opened another cash register. I make another mental note of that, and as I leave, I check out the parking lot for cleanliness. Looks okay, but there are carts everywhere. Someone from the store should have picked those up. Another mental note. Okay, all done at my day of work! I go home, fill out an online form the company gives me, noting all my findings for the day. I email it to the shopping company I work for, and they send me a check for my time and items purchased, would you like to have a day like this and make money out of it, is possible and the more you work ( shop ) the more money you earn, there are over 300 company there willing to pay you for this, some of the company’s are Six flags, Mart, McDonald, Old nany, Chili’s, Macys, CAP, JCPenny, Tarco Bell, Nordstrom, You can contact these companies and ask how you can start making money by shopping there stores, or you can visit the link below and get help to start making money by shopping.
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