Mar 102020

Adwords is one of those things that is awesomely powerful when it’s well implemented, but then when it isn’t it’s a bit like having a hole in your pocket for all your money to fall out of. You can be in profit TODAY FOR FREE, with these five steps! If you find this useful, check out my site for other high income business opportunities.[link]

1-Go to eBay. No, honestly. If you don’t have an ebay account it’s very easy to sign up for one. Visit eBay, and do a search for “Adwords credit.” You will find people selling vouchers to give you lots of Adwords credit for free. They will charge you for the voucher, but it’s like 99c or something. Find the best deal you can, and buy it. Now they will send you a code, which you need to input into your NEW Adwords account. Why did I say new? I was just getting to that…….

2-Go to Google and open an Adwords account. Don’t worry it’s quick and painless-don’t forget to input your code for your free credit too. Once you’re all signed up you should have a nice new account with some nice free credit on there. Please note-the vouchers for free credit that I have come across require a new Adwords account. There may be other kinds, but I have only seen those ones. I’m not too sure on Google’s official stance on holding more than one Adwords account, but I know of hundreds of people that have more than one, whether rightly or wrongly.

3- Find something to promote, then set yourself up as an affiliate for it. This used to be the tricky part.-not so any more. We are going to be using things sold through Clickbank. As a general rule of thumb, “physical” items (TV’s, stereos, whatever) have a lower conversion rate AND lower commission percentage. That’s why I stick to the informational stuff sold at Clickbank. Visit and sign up for an account. Again it’s simple easy and free. Clickbank itself can be quite tough to find products in when you first look, so it might be an idea to look at as they have a very useful search facility for all the same Clickbank products. What we are essentially looking for is something with a reasonable price, high commission, and a decent amount of people promoting it already. Some people prefer to target things that not many others are promoting, but in my view if others are promoting it it must be converting clicks at a decent ratio. Once you find something, make a note of your affiliate id for that particular item.

4-Create your first Adwords campaign. This is the only part of this that resembles hard work-choosing the keywords. It’s worth using a free web based too like the one found at, purely for the savings in money you will get through using this instead of trial and error. The trick is to choose something that gets a decent amount of searches each month, but is not hugely priced. As a general guide, the longer the keyword or phrase, the more focussed it will be. For example, someone who searches for “32” JVC LCD TV with home delivery” is much more likely to purchase than someone who searches for “Big tv.” The former will get a lot less searches also, so by using longer search terms we are weeding out people that are less “targeted,” and thus keeping our costs down, as we pay for each click on each ad, whether it turns into a sale or not. The trick with keywords is to get hundreds and hundreds of cheap, less competitive keyword phrases, instead of one big one that costs a fortune for each click. For example, “Home surveys” is a very expensive keyword to use, and is not very focussed, but we could instead choose “home surveys that pay monthly,” and some other variations-these would pull in much more focussed clicks, and more likely for cheaper too. The keyword research can seem like a lot of work, but once you find something profitable, it’s pretty much automated.

5- Keep records. Keep records of all the different keywords you are using, how much each click is costing you, how much you are making commission-wise from each 100 clicks etc. You need to do this to work out what your profit is-the bottom line is a very important one with Adwords, and it pays to pay attention to it. It’s all well and good selling 10 items for $50 every day, but all those clicks may be costing you $501 every day. It’s very easy to lost track of expense with Adwords, so be sure to keep careful records.

As I said before, Adwords can be hugely profitable when coupled with the right products, if you do it right. With the information here and the knowledge of how to get free credit, you could be earning in no time. Just remember, don’t skimp on keyword research-it’s literally the most important part.

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