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2005 was an excellent year for Your Skin 101. Our site has done better that we could have ever dreamed, and this is due mainly to readers like you. It is refreshing to know that people have starting taking their health more seriously. As I have said in my previous articles, the state of one’s skin says a lot about the overall state of one’s health. Over the course of this year, I have had the opportunity to review an extensive list of skin care products. The following are some of the best skin care products of 2005.

Skin care products for men garnered a lot of sales over the course of the year. A lot of companies launched exclusive product lines for men, including skin care giant Neutrogena. This year saw Neutrogena launch a line of products for men that has shown to be very popular with consumers. Their “Skin Clearing” face wash is one such product that found great success. The active component in this product is salicylic acid, which is recommended by Dermatologists to help treat and prevent breakouts and blemishes. It is oil-free, clean rinsing, and has a cooling menthol component. This product received a lot of positive reports from our readers.

Acne treatments were also very popular with consumers. By far, the most popular acne treatment product this year was “Proactiv Solution”. It would appear that a lot of people with problem acne watch late night television. The infomercial for “Proactiv Solution” was aired religiously for months on end, and it seems to have had a massive impact on sales. The “Proactiv Solution” is comprised of three components; cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. These products have received numerous celebrity endorsements, and they are backed by an unconditional money-back guarantee. Based on our reader feedback, “Proactiv Solution” is highly effective and well worth the investment.

Organic skin care products made a massive resurgence in 2005. There was a time when organics were considered a niche business, but all of that has changed. Organic products, in general, are a multi-million dollar industry. Companies that had the foresight to introduce organic skin care products must be pleased with the results. Dr. Hauschka is one company that has been well ahead of the curve. They have been manufacturing top quality organic skin care products since the late 1960’s. Their approach is simple; to infuse nature’s healing abilities into their products in order to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. The “Harmony Face Oil Capsules” are the stuff dreams are made of. Kudos to you, Dr. Hauschka.

With the wealth of knowledge contained in the pages of our site, we hope we can help you learn how to best care for your skin. We are confident that you will discover the information you need to keep your skin clean and clear in the New Year. We have an extensive series of articles on natural skin care remedies using various fruits and vegetables that will be of great interest to many readers. It has been an excellent year, and we look forward to helping you with your skin care needs well into the future. We will be adding some excellent new content to our site in the coming year, so be sure to drop by every so often. Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!

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