Sep 242020

I’m not wasting too much time here. We have eight days to get an exact plan in place to get you out of your own financial jail situation. Whether it be your job, your financial situation, need to make more money for the doctors or dentist, need money for a vacation, whatever. Here we go:


1. You must assess your strengths. (FREE)

We don’t want you to do something too far from what you’re good at. This lessens a learning curb that quite frankly, is very difficult to overcome if we get you involved in something so foreign and lacks affinity. I want you near and around your strengths. We then, look at options around those. For instance, even though I come from an insurance, real estate and entertainment industry background, I am good with computers and a good writer. So an information website is not terrible for me to delve into. It involves some website protocols (nothing too complicated) and marketing, which the writing will come in handy. There are websites that give free assessments to your strengths. They may give some clues. But really survey yourself and choose something you like too.

2. Open your mind to possibilities. (FREE)

You must look around at the possibility that you can DO something else. You must open your thoughts and break those blinders that keep telling you that the only way to make money is how you’ve been doing it. One simple way to trick your mind: If the way you’ve been making money is so great WHY are you reading this article? Take that mind jailor! You see sometimes we consciously tell ourselves that we can’t do anything. But our hearts, intuition or spirit or deeper mind brings us to a realization. I need to make more money, or need to change my situation, what else can I do? Thus you slowly start researching without even knowing it.

3. Pick one product or service. (FREE)

Choose a possibility. Is it Real estate, website marketing, hypnosis, massage therapy? Identify which possibility seems close to your strengths. You’ve opened your mind to the possibility. Don’t put too much weight on it. Just choose one. You can always adjust later. But it’s time to start studying.

4. Buy a how to, for dummies, overview, comprehensive type information for that product. ($$)

Systems that come packaged by the best in the business are out there for a very nominal fee. They come in intro packages probably under $50. But they give you a very good overview on this new territory. You’ll read about the lingo in the industry. You’ll study some of the basic techniques. Now you’re cooking. You have a strength, possibility, and product. Add some lingo and techniques and you are half way to a new way of making money.

5. Research the marketplace for the product or service. (FREE)

You have a product and some information. Take a look at real ads for that service or product. Read how others are selling it. Read at least 10 ads, online, newspaper, magazines etc. Get used to how they are “talking” through their ads to potential customers. You may use free advertising like business cards, bulletin boards, or emails to friends but you should survey how others are marketing their product so you are up-to-par and professional.

6. Buy a marketing book or package. ($)

There is so much information on marketing. If you never sold anything before you better get some basics of marketing. This is important because your product or service won’t sell itself. You need to get out there and use proven techniques tailored to your service and product. Highlight what you are giving to customers that is different than the other ads. Choose a niche customer that you know very well. And sell to them.

7. Find an expert. ($)

Experts in the field you are entering are some of the best ways to ensure your success. They can take years off the learning curb. They can give quick and proven ways to make some money. If you personally know someone, just ask: “Hi, Ken, I know that you’re in real estate. I am getting into myself. I need to make more money for (whatever reason). Can I buy you coffee and talk to you about it?” Every time I say yes. It never fails. And you know what? No one has turned me down either. This is critical because you need to make money fast. Not easy, just smart, and fast. These experts know where to point you quickly.

8. DO IT. (FREE)

Don’t get the “I know everything” syndrome. Just do the steps in the information you purchased. Questions that kill your motivation: “Why would they give me great information if they were making so much money?” “Does this stuff really work?” “Maybe my expert friend is pointing me in the wrong direction.” Questions that produce action: “What well defined niche should I use to get business?” “How do I get my message out there?” “Is there more material I can buy?” “Is there technology out there that can make a difference, like a new computer?”

You are now on your way. You can get out of jail soon enough. I’m not too worried about your motivation we discovered it at the beginning of the article. Just move forward, action. A 51 year old client said I encouraged him to become a massage therapist. I asked how? He said “you made it seem so simple that I forgot to doubt it. And now I’m a full time therapist.”

Cheers to you Alfred. An inspiration to all of us.

I’m running an experiment on the newest information marketing website turnkey system. In this system, free modules on internet marketing that I use. The system advertised the typical promises: “help you make money from home with very little money, time and offers plenty of solutions that can cover most of your knowledge deficiencies.” A current example to show anyone who is interested about home based turnkey systems: view an experiment system. See the bank statements to view how profitable or not so profitable.

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