Jun 232022

Are you considering hiring a staff writer? While that may seem like a good idea, and it does have its benefits, let me give you a few reasons to reconsider and outsource instead.

Hiring a good/effective/hard working/affordable freelance copywriter has many very positive benefits:

Number One: Cost Effective.

By hiring a professional copywriter to work on your marketing materials you will save money, and ultimately increase your bottom line. A professional freelance copywriter writer knows what to write to maximize your marketing message so that it dramatically increases its effectiveness. Effective marketing means increased success and increased success means more profits. Very simple stuff.

Also, as an added bonus, professional freelance copywriters pay for their own office space, taxes, equipment and insurance! You pay them for the writing and that’s it. They also work on an as needed basis therefore you avoid having to pay an employee with no productive work to do.

It’s a win-win situation.

Number Two: Time Saver.

Freelance copywriters write everyday, something you or another staff member may not be able to do so frequently. Writing is a tedious job, but a freelancer is trained to get those highly effective words on paper in a quick and efficient manner. A job that may take an employee a work day to write, a freelancer could have done before lunch.

Number Three: Professionalism.

Solid, articulate, effective writing is very important when it comes to marketing copy. If your website copy, brochure, sales letter or commercial script is not professional and compelling, its effectiveness will suffer and in effect, so will your bottom line.

Number Four: Productivity

Let your employees do what they do best and give the writing over to the professional writers. Productivity will increase.

Number Five: Fresh Prospective

Maintaining objectivity is difficult when you devote yourself to a project every single day. A freelance copywriter can bring an unbiased mind set and offer a fresh perspective. The freelancer can help you breath new life into your copy and revitalize your project.

Number Six: Free of Error.

When you’ve been staring at the same project for so long, everything starts to blend together. And when that happens, despite your best efforts, errors slip through. The problem is that even though it may be a stellar presentation, one typo or misspelled word can mar it. A professional writer will deliver concise, clear writing without these costly errors, every time.

Number Seven: On Time and Under Budget.

Deadlines must be met. Every time. No exceptions. Unfortunately, deadlines are set according to a project’s needs, not complexity, and sometimes there’s just too much to be done to get it all out in time. That’s when you call in a freelance business writer, someone you can count on to have their assignments finished and ready to go on time.

Bottom Line – Outsourcing your business/marketing writing is cost effective, time saving, professional, productive, revitalizing, error free, on time, and under budget.

Now is the time to hire a freelance copywriter to work for you!

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