Jun 242022

There are many factors that are responsible for skin damage. Skin also gets damaged by external factors. Sun is the main external factor that ages the skin. Ultraviolet radiation is the electromagnetic radiation. These radiations are not visible to necked eye.

A harsh detergent is the general name given to ionic detergents, which can be harmful to the skin. These detergents are called ionic because their molecule gets charged up when they come in contact with water. If you come across a product that contains ionic detergents, try to avoid the usage of such product or else look for similar products that have nonionic detergents or look out for a substitute for that product.

The hotter the water, greater is the chance of damage being done as the rate of chemical reactions increases with temperature i.e. the molecules scatter at very high speed when the temperature rises. Hence it is advisable to take bath with water that is warm and not hot and also you should not soak your body for too long in water.

Irritants can damage your skin in 2 ways. First, they have the capability to directly infect or damage cells and matrix of the skin. Second, it can also instill an inflammatory or allergic reaction in the skin, which can have a very bad effect on your skin because they may release destructive free radicals and also metalloproteinase’s or MMP.

Several different types of damage like infection, trauma, abrasions, burns, etc cause inflammation of the skin. It is a rare possibility but inflammation can also be caused by an auto immune response i.e. a malfunction of the immune system of the body, here it doesn’t require any external cause to exist.

Puffiness in the eye area is a very common appearance of mild facial edema.

There are many people who like to make faces, many a times to make kids laugh and at times trying to imitate a friend. Many of them may not realize that this could be a cause of wrinkles on their face.

These wrinkles are called motion wrinkles, which are caused by repeating a particular facial expression over a period of time.

Excessive cleansing strips the layer of the skin sebum and the skin may become dry, it may also lead to skin sensitivity and other problems. One should avoid cleaning and washing the face with hot water and also one should not wash the face more than two times a day.

All the cosmetic stuff contains potential skin irritants. To keep your skin healthy one should avoid the use of makeup, if used it should be in moderate amount, especially around the eye area. If you spend some time in finding the right product for you, it will definitely save money as well as prevent you from the possibility of damaging your skin.

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