Sep 012023

If you own a small business and would like to increase your traffic then this article is for you. It is difficult to compete against companies that have large vaults of advertising dollars to promote their products. Yet even a small business can succeed on the internet if it fulfills simple tasks and develops a “poor man’s” marketing strategy. The following list is designed to help you become familiar with certain marketing techniques.

Submit Your Site to Search Engines: Submitting your site to search engines puts your business on the map. Without attracting the mass stream of consumers browsing the net for nearly every available topic you will have to work very hard to stay in business. Top ranking sites receive hundreds of thousands of visitors from major search engines.

Directories: When you submit a site to a directory people can find it by searching that directory. However, there are additional benefits that you may not have thought of. For example, directories also are linked to other directories and the increased amount of links is seen favorably by major search engines that increase your positioning.

Ezine Publishing: There are many sites that allow for you to submit an informative article to their databases that eventually get picked up by major search engines or other websites.

Optimize your Site: Optimize your site so people can find you. Don’t bother trying to compete with the largest of competitors but focus on more niche markets. By focusing on niche markets the key words you use on your site will more likely be picked up by major search engines. For example, the word “marketing” may not give you very much traffic but the words “hand sales” might be more successful.

Add Content To Your Site: Nothing is more of a bore that to keep visiting the same old site with the same old content. By giving away free knowledge and resource businesses/people interested in your topic are more likely to return. Hence, your marketing program is an attempt to retain visitors.

Direct Marketing: Even though many people become annoyed with the constant receiving of email, flyers, and letters in the mail many of them still purchase the products being offered. The key concept here is to make the products as relevant as possible to their business and give them something they want. Don’t bother selling dog shampoo to a business management firm.

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