Oct 192023

Habits are like cobwebs, too hard to die. Smoking too is a habit that is too difficult to kill for most of the population today. Many die due to this habit but still most of the youth are attracted by the nicotine. Government in certain countries have come up with an idea to curb the activity of smoking and banned smoking in private places.

Scotland and Eire are the two countries that have laws governing smoking in the workplace. In 2007, England and Wales too will have the laws passed for the same prohibition.

To curb the anxiety of the smokers to smoke came up the idea of setting smoking shelters. Smoking shelters are an area with a shelter for the people who smoke. It gives a sense of relaxation and easy smoking fun for the smokers. Each smoking shelter is unique with the design and the construction. They are to have an easy access and easy smoke dispersal with convenient disposal of the cigarette butt waste.

Dimensions in the wall supported smoking shelters and the free standing smoking shelters don’t have much of a difference. Two or three people at the most can be covered under the wall mounted smoking shelters. This kind of smoking shelter is ideal for small business and is more economical in comparison with the free standing shelters. No polycarbonate panels and horizontal mid height bars on the wall side make the wall supported smoking shelters economical and easy to install. Otherwise they are identical to the free standing smoking shelters.

Mark Twain said, “Quitting smoking is easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.” Why is quitting and staying quit hard for so many people? Quitting smoking can not be an easy task. It not only involves the person who wishes to quit smoking but also the society to help overcome the urge to smoke.

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