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“Smoking is injurious to health” – All the cigarette packets have this printed in bold on their covers. But the fact is how many of us have noticed and thought about it.

Cigarette smoking has been attributed as one of the most important source of mortality around the world. As this fact has come into limelight, most of the countries are coming up with the smoking ban in pubs, bars and restaurants. If this is not enough, smoking in workplace has been banned by most of the companies. Such strict rules may be difficult to be followed by the employees who are smokers. With this regulation over the smoking, an allocated area sheltered for smokers to smoke outdoors but still undercover came into the offering.

Outdoor ban over smoking in certain areas also is due to the litter problem of the cigarette butts and the smoke, which can be passively inhaled by the non-smokers. A convenient disposal of the cigarette butts and a safe place to smoke was necessary and thus, came the birth of smoking shelters.

Smoking shelter offer a safe area with the protection from the weather. It is a designated covered place for smokers of a company with no smoking policy. Discarded cigarette butts are an added fire risk in most of the places. This can be prevented with the shelters exclusively for smoking. It not only helps a company to keep in control of where people smoke but also keeps the office premises smoke free and free of cigarette butt mess.

Most of the smoking shelters are weatherproof, indicative of keeping the shelter conditioned for the external weather. It keeps the people who smoke in these shelters, warm, and dry. The cleanliness of the company complying with the government smoking laws can be easily followed with the help of these smoking shelters.

The smoking shelters offer fire resistance as well is designed to be waterproof. Seating arrangements are also been made as a provision in most of the shelters to keep the smokers at their pleasure. Feeling at ease and comfort ability while the staff or customers smoke is an instant solution with the smoking shelters. Air inside the shelter can be kept clean and recycled with the external environment with the help of vents present on the roof of the smoking shelters.

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