Oct 212023

Smoking involves the addiction of nicotine. Those who are less dependent on cigarettes may be successful by using only a few sources of help. However, the more help you have, the better your chances of quitting and staying smoke-free. Government laws have been passed in various countries for the ban of smoking in public areas. Going with these laws, some of the offices also prohibit smoking inside their premises.

To help the smokers who still wish to smoke, the birth of the smoking shelters took place. As the name suggests, it is the shelter for the people who smoke. Preventing the problems of the cigarette butts disposal and the fire risk attached with it.

All the smoking shelters designed and built should be in a way easy to access and easy dispersal of the cigarette butts waste as well the cigarette smoke. The smoking shelters allow the smokers to have a relaxed state of mind while smoking at these shelters. Some of the companies that design and build the smoking shelters offer to make seating arrangements as well inside the smoking shelters.

Amongst the smoking shelters, there are the two types:
• Free standing units
• Wall mounted shelters

Free standing smoking shelters are the traditional kind of shelters offering a space for five to seven people at the most. The roofs of the free standing smoking shelters are often in sync with the industrial buildings for the flat roof. However, with the advancement of the technology and architecture, there have been various kinds of roofs and various materials in use for the construction of the free standing smoking shelters.

Wall mounted shelters are ideal for small business. Two to three people are usually covered under these kinds of shelters. It is quite economical as there are only three sides to be covered under construction for the smoking shelter as opposed to four sides in a free standing smoking shelter.

No matter whether the smoking shelter is free standing or wall mounted, it is a boon for the smokers who are banned to smoke at public. These shelters might disappear in the years to come being replaced by all of the smokers adapting to being non-smokers. Or the advancement in the technology might replace these smoking shelters to something new and innovative.

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