Oct 232023

Smoking is an addiction that is hard to die amongst the population of this world. No amount of laws can prevent the smokers to quit. Government in certain countries like Scotland bans the smoking in public places. Though these laws that govern smoking habit is in the process to be changed.

Ban on smoking in public places hit hard on the smokers and they need a place to safely carry out their luxurious habit. Smoking rooms replaced by the smoking shelters in various countries where there is a ban. A refuge for the smokers from the external environment is the smoking shelter. With the external structure away from the official buildings, these free standing smoking shelters like bus stops can be build anywhere.

When smokers smoke the cigarette there is the production of the cigarette butt dust as well as the cigarette smoke. The cigarette butt dust is usually combated with the various designs of ashtrays that are placed in the smoking shelters. While cigarette smoke is dealt with the vents. Vents in the roofs help in the easy exhaust of the cigarette smoke to the environment. The benches with backrest offer the best seating arrangement while relaxing with a puff of cigarette.

Advantage of having a free standing smoking shelter apart from providing room for the smokers to smoke is that the employer can have a check on the smoking that is happening outside the office building premises. These shelters withstand any kind of weather, come rain or shine. Free standing smoking shelters are known to be the traditional type with a room for five to seven people however nine to twelve people can be easily accommodated with the custom made smoking shelters. The side panels of the free standing smoking shelters are usually translucent. Polycarbonate or UV resistant Perspex is used for the construction of side and roof panels. Trends change as the day progresses; hence one can customize their free standing smoking shelters with the cost and requirements.

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