Oct 242023

Café Seating Columns are basically ashtrays that stand up and stand-alone. Mostly they are made of metal and allow outdoor smoking without leaving cigarette butts on the ground. This keeps the cigarette trash out and keeps the area clean and free of debris. There are many different types of Café Seating Columns, and it depends on what color, size and costs that you want in a Café Seating Column. Most outdoor venues have some type of outdoor ashtray for smokers. The one that is most popular is the Café Seating Column. This is a type that fits on a table and it requires little maintenance.

You can’t even tell that the Café Seating Column is an active ashtray. It looks like part of a tabletop. This is also vandal proof, which saves on repair bills and replacing the column. There are different costs depending on who you get your café seating column from and where. You can order this from anywhere and have it installed or install it yourself. This keeps a clean place for people to smoke and it gives them a place to dispose their used cigarettes. This really is an innovation for a smoker.

The café seating column is very popular with restaurants and other outside businesses who have smoking patrons. This is a way of keeping both smokers and non smokers both happy. This is also in accordance with laws and regulations regarding smoking areas. This has to be taken into consideration as well as comfort of your patrons. Most cities have quite a lot of regulations regarding outdoor smoking and smoking areas in general, and the rules are getting stricter.

To keep in accordance with local laws, let me suggest that a café seating column will be your best bet if you have any type of outdoor café or outdoor business that have smokers as patrons. This will help you keep in line with the laws of your particular city, state, or county. The beauty of this column is the fact that it basically looks like an umbrella so that it does not look like an ashtray.

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