Oct 272023

MySpace: The new internet traffic giant

MySpace is no longer just for kids. The insanely popular social networking website is now the third most viewed website according to comScore’s Media Metrix. Combine that with the latest statistics showing that half of all internet surfers are over the age of 35 and it’s no wonder that big business is looking towards MySpace as an untapped marketing resource.

The growing site was recently acquired by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, a conglomerate that owns 20th Century Fox, The New York Post, TV Guide, Direct TV. MySpace could very well be one of their most lucrative assets if it’s growth rate continues.

The original concept for MySpace was to connect with people of similar interests and lifestyles with each other. Its social organization allows for fast and easy access to targeted groups and individuals which makes it the perfect vehicle for networking and marketing.

Creating your MySpace page

To begin networking or marketing with MySpace you must first setup your own MySpace Profile. Setup is easy and relatively pain free and can be done in 3 easy steps:

1. Visit myspace.com and click the setup orange setup button. Spend two minutes filling out a form and you are done.

2. For those of you with web programming skills, you can modify your page look and feel by putting HTML code into the “About Me” box. I would avoid using a busy background graphic since it will slow your page down and make it extremely hard to read text in the foreground.

3. Change your URL. You will start with a lame URL like www.myspace.com/140809444 which will be hard for most people to remember. Go to your setup page by clicking the “Home” link in the upper left hand corner of the page. Right below your picture is a little let red box that says “Pick your MySpace Name/URL!”. Click on it and you can select a new URL assuming it’s not already taken. Your new URL will look something like www.myspace.com/projectgreenbacks.

What are “Friends” and who is Tom

MySpace allows other members to be your “friends”. A friend is someone, many times a stranger, that sends you a request to become a friend. If you approve the request then his profile picture is added your friend’s list. You can move your favorite friends to the top of your friend’s list so they are shown on your homepage. The rest of the list is sorted by their profile number which is in the order in which the member signed up for service with MySpace. So the oldest members will be first and the newest members will be last.

When you first open a MySpace profile, you will get an automatic friend. His name is Tom. You will see him a lot on other people’s profile pages.

Many people have marketed and built their pages into enormous revenue generators. Playboy model Christine Dolce has acquired over 1 million friends on her page and shows no signs of slowing up.

Many people erroneously believe that profiles with high friend counts are more actively viewed than other pages. This is not always the case. Many pages with high friend counts achieve their numbers by sending out a large volume of friend’s requests. Many people getting these request approve them without even visiting the MySpace page of the sender. Some pages actually have more friends than page views.

PART II – Building MySpace Traffic (coming soon)

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