Dec 262023

By 2007, UAE will own three of the most exclusivist and lavish hotels in the whole world: Burj al Arab in Dubai, Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and Palm Trump, whose construction it’s ongoing on one of the three artificial palm-tree shaped islands in Dubai. As if it wasn’t enough, the number of Dubai apartments and villas is also planned to increase, to back up the current and future tourism industry boom.

Dubai managed to hit the jackpot by continually building more and more extravagant hotels, luxury malls and the three artificial islands that can be clearly seen from the plain with bear eyes. Till the end of 2010, the government’s ambitious plans project a triple number of visitors, due to the unique constructions designed for the nearby future: the highest building the world ever thought of, the first underwater hotel, a thematic park suggestively called Dubailand – which will cost approximately 3 million Euro – and the second collection of artificial islands counting 250 little islands displayed as a miniature map of our planet.

Just like the buyers of 100.000 Euro estimated watches, whose purpose is not to show the time, but the wealth of the owner, the customers of the luxury hotels are not in the quest of a place to sleep. The hotel becomes the genuine proof of their financial status. For instance, the exterior of Burj al Arab hotel leaves you with your mouth wide open. As for the interior, the opinions may vary. Some say that this is the most elegant and sumptuous hotel ever, while others consider it a golden kitsch. One thing is clear though: the services are impeccable and for the time being Burj al Arab – the Tower of Arabs – is the only seven stars awarded hotel in the world. The hotel standing on an artificial island 288 meters off the seashore inside waters has no rooms available, only one-floor apartments, each of them assisted by white gloved butlers, just like in movies. Almost everything inside the hotel is covered with gold, including the edge of the wall embedded TV sets. The only ‘disappointment’ is the normal five star hotel pool. Imagine that!

But three to five star hotels are not the only housing solution in Dubai. Dubai villas and Dubai apartments are alternative solutions provided by real estate agencies or private house owners, which can be found simply by logging on There is a huge variety of Dubai apartments offered for both short term and long term rental. These fully self-contained and serviced apartments are perfect for tourists, singles or families. Dubai apartments offer the luxury and comfort of any of the Dubai legendary hotels but at a much lower price, which makes them affordable by others than CEOs or rich and famous holiday hunters. For groups of tourists, Dubai villas provide a home-like comfort, designed to please anyone aware of fine living amenities. Dubai villas are located in the vicinity of top malls, financial or cultural areas, by the seaside or more inland, depending on one’s preferences and financial feasibility. No matter if you decide for luxurious Dubai villas or you choose the comfort of Dubai apartments, any of these are available sophisticatedly furnished, with leather sofas, plush bath towels and neat linens.

Dubai villas provide a higher degree of convenience and spare the tourists of the painful process of checking in or out. Moreover, if you miss your family, they can come and visit you on weekends, and there will still be plenty of room for everyone. Separate bedrooms offer privacy for parents as well as children. Most of the Dubai apartments include executive amenities that business travelers consider to be quite practical, such as high-speed internet access, free local calls and housekeeping services. For these reasons, many international companies book Dubai villas and Dubai apartments for their employees on business trips in the area.

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