Apr 082024

The Olympic Games always remind us of the incredible ability we possess to set a goal and pursue it. As much as I enjoy watching the games, I especially enjoy the segments featuring personal stories about the athletes. Listening to their amazing stories of dedication, focus, passion, investment and commitment to their dream of participating in the Olympics is truly an inspiration.

Most of them were not born super athletes, but have developed themselves to play their best game. Most are ordinary people with extraordinary dreams. They have the courage to risk the unknown, even the agony of defeat, in pursuit of their dream of victory. They were willing to develop and improve in order to play their best game.

No matter how good your game, there is always room for improvement. Olympic records continue to be shattered and new levels of achievement are reached. What is your dream? What do want to accomplish in your lifetime? What is the first step you will take toward playing your best game ever?

Three Key Strategies for Playing to Win…

1. IDENTIFY YOUR STRENGTHS. Knowing your strengths and how to capitalize on them can make the difference between success and failure. We often focus on our weaknesses, working hard to make improvements. Try focusing more attention on your strengths instead and look for ways to employ your strong suit to move you forward.
Ask yourself: What are my strengths?

2. CLARIFY YOUR GOALS. Get clear on what game you are playing and what you want to accomplish. Understand why the goal is important to you and which of your personal values it is aligned with. Know what is required to reach your goal. The more clarity you can get around the goal, the easier it will be to get started moving toward it.
Ask yourself: What do I most want to achieve? Why is it important to me?

3. WORK WITH A COACH. Give yourself the benefit of having a success partner to help you achieve your goal. Free yourself up to play your best game by enlisting the help of a coach who can guide, support and challenge you to give your best performance everyday.
Ask yourself: Who will I ask to coach me?

“To play is in the mind. To win is in the heart.” ~ Jennifer McCombs

“Winning isn’t always finishing first. Sometimes winning is just finishing.” ~ Manuel Diotte

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