Apr 092024

This is part three in a four part series on learning how to win any fight. Thank you for joining me again here as we take a few moments together and review ways you can learn to win any fight and defend yourself effectively.

In the prior articles on how to win any fight you discovered how to train in a way that will increase your effectiveness. We discussed that you simply must accomplish all of the following things in any training that you do.

1. You must train with a Blended Method of Low and High Intensities
2. You must learn from an instructor that has mastered these methods direct from a originator of these methods
3. You must find an instructor that is not afraid to train at the higher levels of intensity
4. You simply must focus your mind on first learning the method properly at a slow pace first, then brining the technique up to real World speeds during the same training session.
5. In order to be able to win any fight, you have to be able to move quickly and effectively while using proper techniques
6. If you have limited training use a street legal tool to maximize your own effectiveness and impact on the street
7. Proper technique needs to be learned at real World speeds as well as slower more precise training
8. In order to learn any self defense technique effectively you must be able to discover for yourself firsthand how effective the methods are. When a student feels the power of a method themselves they will feel much better about using that method when it counts, and when they have to use it to win a fight.

We also covered how you can now learn these new methods from a real legend in the Martial Arts Grandmaster Ted Gambordella. In today’s article we are going to talk about ways to find local instructors that can assist you in training effectively with a truly well balanced training methodology.

The best way to find a local instructor is to check with a recognized agency that understands these training methods to see if there is a certified instructor in your area. You can do so for free at www.themartialartssite.com there is a free guide to certified instructors all over the World who are trained in these modern and very effective self defense methods. If on your visit you do not find an instructor yet listed in your area don’t hesitate to call your local Dojo or Martial Arts schools, and simply ask them if they have instructors that are certified by the Martial Arts Masters Association.

If they say they do you can feel comfortable enough to visit their Dojo and interview the instructor, make certain that you ask to see their Certification from the Martial Arts Masters Association. You need to be certain that these people are not leading you in a wrong direction. Unfortunately, all too many Martial Arts Schools these days will say anything to get you to try them out or sign you up on a contract. I have even seen instructors from one style offer training in more commercial styles like “ask about training here to become a Ninja.” This is clearly a marketing ploy of instructors, or an instructor who has lost their way. They may even be fairly good and well intended instructors who just simply want to have more students and make a living wage doing what they love teaching the Martial Arts. You can do them a favor and give them the web address for The Martial Arts Site, and the Martial Arts Masters Association.

Grandmaster Gambordella can assist them as he has countless other instructors on increasing their student base by training more effectively and offering their students more value in their training.

As always if you can not find an instructor in your area, you may always learn from Dr. Gambordella through his books and videos, or even by membership in his organizations. You can always get free training articles at the Martial Arts Masters Association website.

The dream of Dr. Gambordella is that by sharing his nearly 40 years of training experience with other instructors and students directly that anyone can learn to win any fight and defend themselves effectively.

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