May 022017

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For many individuals who wish to get fit, visiting a gym isn’t a possibility. This may either be due to the distance and time that it would take to travel their, the expense of a monthly gym membership, or maybe another sort of reason. In this post, I’ll be recommending some way in which you can get fit free of charge, or either for a very small financial outlay.
One of the better ways in which to get fit, and which costs nothing at all, is to run. Obviously, you will have to make sure you’ve got adequate footwear, and suitable pants and a top, but it costs absolutely nothing to run by itself. Plenty of people wish to jog at one pace when hoping to get fit, but I recommend you stuck to the basic HIT way of running. HIT is short for High Interval Training, and basically states that exercises needs to be performed at two different speeds. The first speed is a normal jog, which is relaxed, and which doesn’t tax the body an excessive amount. This will be performed for a set period of time, 1 minute for example. The next speed is a fast as you can possibly go sprint. This is again to be performed for a set period of time, but a shorter period than was taken to carry out the relaxed speed exercise, thirty seconds for instance. The idea behind HIT is you alternate between the two speeds and their times, for a set period of time, ten minutes for instance. Doing a minute of a relaxed jog, then a 30 second sprint, followed by the 1 minute jog etc, on and on until the 10 minutes are up. This works your body harder than jogging for 10 minutes at a consistent speed, and discovered in recent university research, your body still feels the effects and carries on working out even after you’ve finished performing the exercise, maximising your workout even more.
Other exercises to perform using this method and which also require no gym or money are cycling, swimming, performing sits ups, squats, burpees, star jumps and press ups. Team sports also come recommended, as there often more pleasurable than exercising on your own, nevertheless they may need more organisation.

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