May 312017

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“Click Here Now. There are some very simple nutrition mistakes, that can be corrected for free, that would take care of a lot of peoples diet problems. Yet millions of dollars are spent in helping people supposedly eat their way to health, through hundreds of different diets and allegedly new health trends.
The number one enemy for losing that surplus fat is sugar.
In the vast majority of instances, ‘fat-free’ merely indicates the product is loaded with calories, because of all the added sugar. Larry Krug, chief executive officer of the online nutritional-consulting firm, says “You have to be careful of the word ‘nonfat,’ because that usually implies more sugar”.
Taking lots of fruit juice does not address the problem either. “People assume that juice is healthier than cola, so they’ll go ahead and drink a heap of it. Yet your average half a cup of juice equals about 60 calories” says an assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Laura J. Kruskall, Ph.D., R.D.,. When orange juice is consumed it converts directly to sugar.
A lot of people use whole grain products in the wrong belief that they are ‘eating healthy’. In fact whole grain pasta, whole wheat bread, whole grain crackers and health cereals all convert to sugar when they are eaten.
Eating processed foods is the second major enemy in the war against the bulge. They are loaded up with sugar and a wide variety of harmful chemicals, which stop the liver from working to optimum.
Real butter, whole eggs, bacon, coconut oil, avocados, raw nuts and olive oil will support burning up bad fat. Canola oil, substitute butter, vegetable butter, fake margarine, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners and soy products, all assist in the storage of bad fat.
Carbohydrates are vital to good health, so consuming plenty of fruit and vegetables will help regulate the blood sugar level and aid in burning up unwanted fat.
Starving is another mistaken conception when it comes to getting rid of that extra weight. Starving the body only causes it to store what fat it already has.
In order to keep blood sugar and insulin levels even, it is better to eat healthy food, small and often.
Drinking plenty of non-caffeinated liquids helps burns fat and tells your body to lose that layer of muscle-camouflaging water it holds between your muscles and skin. Correct hydration is, therefore, another important key to losing weight. This entails drinking fluids before the fact, as the body frequently does not register its own thirst, until after the fact.
Susan Kundrat, M.S., R.D., of Nutrition on the Move, says “I recommend a minimum of 12 eight-ounce glasses of non caffeinated fluids per day, plus an additional six ounces for every 15 minutes of training you engage in.”
Several authorities claim that once you commence to eat healthily, you will place your body onto auto-pilot, so that it will continuously remove that unwanted fat and win the war against the bulge.

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