Oct 042017

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Free Job Site
There is stiff competition in the job market. Unemployment is on the rise. Large numbers of applications are received by companies for limited number of posts. But there is dearth of skilled manpower in the industry.Visit here:http://www.worldwidewriter.com//article-display.php?articleid=3595
So both potential employers and employees resort to online job portals which are a powerful medium in the era of Internet. There are certain websites which offer better services if paid for them. But, Jobbi.com is one exception that provides all its services absolutely free.
Jobbi.com believes in keeping things simple and easy as far as possible. The registration process of the site consists of few easy steps unlike other sites whose sign up process is unnecessarily lengthy and time consuming.
The user can straightway apply for jobs or post his jobs after the completion of registration process. The portal also offers free resume search for candidates so that they can get access to best of resumes to build their effective profiles. It also has three samples or templates of resume which the user can copy and paste and then edit to suit their requirements.
Apart from employers and job seekers, other users are also benefited by Jobbi.com. Its HeadHunt program enables users to search for potential candidates and jobs and provide them to employers and candidates. So they act as a connecting medium between employers and employees. But, companies don’t make payments to these headhunters for providing them manpower.
Instead, they are adequately compensated by Jobbi. Moreover, candidates need to fill out one basic application form instead of different forms for all kinds of jobs. Employers can only add certain customized questions as per their requirements. As a result, there is no need for lengthy repetitive applications. All these features speed up the job search process and satisfy the needs of the clients quickly and effectively.
Free Job Site

Up to 40% Off on Binoculars, Telescopes & Optics – Camera & Photography with free shipping and No Tax!!!

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