Oct 252017

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Wedding Speeches – Groom Speeches
Grooms are expected to be nervous when it comes to their
wedding speech. Being nervous and being ill-prepared are two
different things. The audience will forgive you for being
nervous but it is hard for them not to feel let down or
disappointed if you have not spent the time on preparing you
a speech.
Preparation is the Key
Nothing replaces preparation. Your speech will be as good as
the time you spend on it. Write, rewrite it and polish it.
You should know it thoroughly by the time you have to
deliver it. The more you think about it, the more the
phrases and structure will be imbedded in your mind. This
will help you to stay on track. You can keep going by
recalling a phrase or two. You will know it is not exactly
what you meant to say but no one else will. To keep you on
track use notes with headings.
Easier said than done, I know, but you can slow down your
breathing and mentally let any tension go. Do not act in a
nervous way. Pretend to be calm and you will be calm. The
atmosphere helps, because by the time you have to make your
speech, the rest of the room are enjoying themselves. It is
a happy occasion so most people are ready to listen in an
amused, uncritical way. You can pick up on this feeling of
goodwill and relaxation to help put you in the same mood.
Decide to have fun and you will enjoy yourself.
Be Sincere
This is no time for complete frivolity. You have to be
sincere when you toast your bride and do it to the best of
your ability. You surely have to be sincere when you toast
your parents and your bride’s parents. Of course, you can be
light-hearted and talk about funny incidents that highlight
what you want to say but be careful about trying to be too
funny – particularly if the joke is on someone else. You
could live to regret it in the years to come.
Say What You Have to Say
Do not get up and ramble on. Say what you have to say and
sit down. People get bored very quickly. They want to
continue having a good time. If you are sincere and to the
point, they will be on your side and applaud
enthusiastically. They will compliment you on having made a
good speech. If you have fumbled about, rambled on and
generally gone nowhere, they will simply not mention your
speech or feel they have to come up with half-hearted
There is no reason to make a bad speech at your wedding. You
owe it to everyone present to make the best speech you can.
Your efforts will be well rewarded by a proud bride and
parents and by grateful guests. When you look back in later
years you will feel good about the whole day and your

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