Mar 012018

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If you are aware of your health you must be interested in cholesterol information so that you can lead a long healthy life. Cholesterol that decides to some extent man’s well being is nothing but a chemical compound of steroid and fat, exclusively produced by your body. The liver produces it and it is your diet that produces the rest part. When you consume to a great extent red meat and diary products you may help the body to produce enough cholesterol. If in your dish there is a supply of vegetables you are sure to avoid the cholesterol. The intestine absorbs the dietary cholesterol and stores it in the liver that regulates it in the blood steam and if the body needs it secretes it to some extent.
While offering cholesterol information it must be mentioned that cholesterol is of two types- the LDL cholesterol and the HDL cholesterol. It is the LDL cholesterol that is generally called the ‘bad’ cholesterol. It is said so because the level of it rises in the blood flow there is the risk of coronary disease. The bad’ cholesterol deposits on the artery wall. The deposit is called ‘plaque’. In due course of time the ‘plaque’ narrows the arteries and causes a disuse called atherosclerosis.
On the other hand HDL cholesterol is generally termed as ‘good’ cholesterol as it prevents atherosclerosis. The good’ cholesterol extracts the bad’ cholesterol from the walls of the arteries and sends it back to liver. Hence if you have LDL in your blood level to a great extent and the level of HDL is found lowered you may face the risk of being affected with atherosclerosis.

Now the question of cholesterol treatment may come in your mind. If you are sincere and can control blood cholesterol level you may evade the risk of strokes and heart attack. The basic thing is the lifestyle change. If you can change it you are sure to lead a healthy life. There are medications to lower the LDL cholesterol. If you suffer from high triglyceride level too you may be advised to take fibrate and /or stations or nicotinic acid.

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